Paul “Sting” Slowinski Versus Ben “Guvnor” Edwards

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By Mike LNg

Paul Slowinski

K-1 competitor and 4X WMC heavy weight champion Paul “The Sting” Slowinski returns to full rules Muay Thai after some time spent in K-1.  Under Alan Wong’s tutelage Slowinski return to Muay Thai against Ben Edwards in Australia at Evolution 18 from Oct 2009. Poland born Slowinski was last seen in K-1 Grand Prix Lodz in Poland.


Muay Thai at the EXcel Quick Results

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by Mike LNg

Apparently Canadian fighters Misty Sutherland And Jesse Miles were not able to participate and instead substitutes were used.

MSA at the EXcel

The results I know of thus far:

Olley Watson
Marc Sargeant

Winner – Marc Sargeant – Points

Ruth Ashdown
Soraya Bucherie

winner – points – Soraya Bucherie


Chris Knowles
Glen Crosthwaite

Winner – between rounds 3 and 4 unable to continue
Chris Knowles, New British champion

Bernise Alldis
Anna Zuchely

Winner – New World Champion Anna Zuchely

Greg Wootton
Panicos Yusuf
Winner – Greg Wooton

Michael Wakeling
Errol Koning
Winner -Michael Wakeling – unable to contine ref stoppage

Tim Thomas
Yodyut Kiatyongyut
Winner – ref stopped round 4
Tim Thomas

Jordan Watson
Buakaw Por Pramuk
Winner Buakaw Por Pramuk

La Nuit Des Challenges 8 Trailer Released

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By Mike LNg

Singmanee Srisompong Sor

The official trailer of the upcoming La Nuit Des Challenges 8 has been released. The Nuit des Challenges 8 will feature some of france’s best nak muay against two big names from Thailand Singmanee Srisompong Sor and Diesellek.  Some of the boxers representing France will be Fabio Pinca, Yohan Lidon, and  Abdallah Mabel from Team Nasser-K.

Also at stake is the European title which will be decided by Karim Bennoui versus  Xavier Bastard .

Now time for the trailer.

Jean Claude Van Damme on AE Likely

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By Mike LNg

Jean Claude Van Damme

The news keeps coming about Jean Claude Van Damme’s bout coming up with Olympic gold medalist and noted Muay Thai boxer Somluck Kamsing.  Or rather the promotional activities leading up to Van Damme’s fight with Somluck, which is tentatively scheduled for broadcast October 2010. As already announced, Van Damme has cemented a deal with the United Kingdom’s I TV Network to help develop his reality TV show. The upcoming reality TV show will chronicle Hollywood blockbuster actor Van Damme’s training and preparation for the bout.

There has been some growing hype about the event with Van Damme  actively working the press circuit and appearing at the famed Cannes film festival to further hype his coming reality TV show debut. It looks like the USA has finally caught on and the America A&E network will pickup Van Damme’s reality TV series for the United States.  A&E is probably best known for bringing reality TV show star and son of Ozzy Ozbourne, Jack Osbourne to Thailand to train and ‘fight’ at Fairtex.

There’s an abundance of material for reality tv dramatics with Van Damme’s multiple marriages, history of battling addiction and with children from his 2nd wife in tow it could be a very interesting season.  Supposedly the first 6 weeks will cover Van Damme’s training up to the fight with the 2nd 7 weks covering Xomluck Kamsing’s activities leading up to the fight.

Van Damme was quoted as saying the following statements on his upcoming reality tv show:

“I’m in good shape, but it’s going to get better,” he said.

“The show is going to be all about my family,” he says. “Just like the Osbournes.”

Wow, I some how knew the invariable comparison with the Osbournes was coming. It is however starting to look like that’s the basis of the show in my opinion more so than Van Damme’s fight preparation.  Thanks for reading.

Sakaopet Sor. Srisompong versus Rachianlek Pitakputon

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By Mike LNg

Asawindum Stadium

From Asawindum Stadium comes the main event bout of 12-20-2009. In Red: Sakaopet Sor. Srisompong – 123 lbs and in Blue: Rachianlek Pitakputon – 125 lbs.

Ultimate Thai 5 Card Matchups Completed

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By Mike LNg

Aurelien Duarte

It looks like all the blank spaces have been filled on the Ultimate Thai card.  So no more mysteries remain about who will be fighting who and the card got even sweeter with Richard Smith of Bad Company Gym of the United Kingdom. All fights will be under full Muay Thai rules including elbows.  It’s going to be an interesting test for some of France’s best and most seasoned fighters against some of Thailand’s  international big name stars of Muay Thai.

The fight card newly revised is as follows.

Ultimate Thai 5 fighters

Fight #1 : Super Fight

Weight: -66.6 kg

Sofiane Derdega Versus Herbert Womaleu

Fight #2 : Super Fight

Weight: -66.6 kg

Raouf Beliouz Versus Ibrahim Chiahou

Fight #3 : Super Fight

Weight: -66.6 kg

Olivier Tchetche Versus Thomas Adamandopoulus

Fight #4 : Super Fight

Weight: -66.6 kg

Boubacar Konta Versus Mamadou Diabira

Fight #5 : Super Fight

Weight: -66.6 kg

Thiraphong Saengdaeng Versus Yacine Mahillon

Fight #6 : Super Fight

Weight: TBD

Aurélien Duarte Versus Kaoklai Kaenorsing

Fight #7 : Super Fight

Weight: TBD

Pascal LaFleur Versus Richard Smith

Fight #8 : Super Fight

Weight: TBD

Grégory Choplin Versus Jonathan Camara

Just a reminder that will be carrying a streaming pay-per-view of the entire event on June 5th, 2010 for those of us not fortunate enough to view it in person.  My online pay-per-view experience is best described as ‘spotty’ but I’ll pay for it, view it and review it here no matter what the outcome is. Those of you able and willing to see it live can go to for ticket purchasing. Thanks for reading.

Taipan Unleashed Quick Results

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By Mike LNg

Taipan Poster

Taipan unleashed results. May 22nd.

1. Susane (Tactical Fight Team) Defeated Janet Perusco (Krop Khrua)

2. Jason McKewan (CKO) Defeated Richard T (Taipan)

3. Arnaud Formisyn (Bondi MT) Defeated Brad Rhot Thang Paton (Iwak)

4. Sai (Phoenix ACT) Defeated Levi Hives (Taipan)

5. Mark Fowler (PJT) Defeated Jason Tham Laai Konig (Iwak)

6. Troy Phillips (Krop Khrua) Defeated Ryan Edmonds (Taipan)

7. Mark Zalenski (Full Force) Defeated Tom Vullings (Phoenix ACT)

8. Tahne Newton-Green (Taipan) Defeated Scott Wilson (PTJ)

9. Liam Everson (CKO) Defeated Suriya (Sor Jaiphet VIC)

10. Kieran Walsh (Phoenix ACT) Defeated Michael Green (Taipan)

11. Sindy Maricic (CKO – Australia) Defeated Chantal Ughi (Thailand)

12. Tum Mardsue (Thailand WMC) Defeated Bruce ‘Preacher’ MacFie (Corporate Box – Australia)


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