Update to the Contender Asia 2 roster

The official roster is updated for the cast of Contender Asia 2. I speculated that no Canadian representative would be going. I was incorrect. Jesse Miles is indeed proceeding to Malaysia to film his part. Please note this is the official confirmed roster as of 7/22/2009.

Quick update this is the new officially acknowledged roster via Contender Asia’s site.

Confirmed Contenders

Confirmed Contenders, with 2 yet to be decided

Confirmed Contenders, with 2 undecided

Confirmed Contenders

As many have speculated Jesse Miles is indeed going on despite being knocked out by Alex Ricci. Apologies for the error.

Watch this space as cast changes seem to be ever changing.

~ by fatsoking on July 23, 2009.

22 Responses to “Update to the Contender Asia 2 roster”

  1. Sorry here. But I have to big up Jordan, not because he is from my home town, its just I hear good things about him as a person. I have never seen him fight, but are countlessly told he is good. He fights out of Badcompany Leeds. A very popular and camp with the likes of Liam Harrison and Andy Howson, trained under Richard Smith. I am not a fan of UK Muay Thai and it’s politics so I have to leave it there.

    But. Anyone figthing for my town Leeds, gets my blessing.

    The downside however, to the roster, is none of my professional Thai fighting friends from Thailand are fighting on this contender. Malaipet was trained originally by my good friend Thakoon Pongsupha of Sasiprapa. Here is a link to Sasiprapa with some great training vids, if you are intrested.


    Some of my other Thai friends that share the same ‘Hall of Fame’ at Lumpinee as Sanchai Kor Kingstar etc….. Guess what their not there either. But they all, would love a chance for a ‘fair’ pay day (fair, in MMA terms anyway).

    Maybe my friends all got beat in the qualifiers. LOL. Don’t think so, some how.

    Or is it caus’ I is Thai?

    Chokdee Jordan Watson Leeds, UK. Bring home the good’s and keep the ‘Honey.’

    Ha. I am getting closer to the fox. But not via Thailand. Lol.

    • I wish Jordan well as I do most of the other fighters. They’re getting at least a payday out of it. But as I mentioned in my article how does this correlate with some meaningful rankings or something along the lines of at leasrt a fair match>

      As I told someone else it’s ok to get in bed with Fox if you know what you’re in for and you don’t mind him being on top.

  2. Does this mean that all the fighters will need ‘extra’ protection this season, then? As for the ‘wrankings’, coming first may not be the best strategy being under the Fox. Lol.

    How can you possibly have a ‘rank’ without a full list?
    This looks to me like they have no ‘list’ since spaces are vacant. So I must ask, who are the competitors then ‘contending’ against? A real ‘contender’ or someone who fills those vacant slots?

    I can’t see any ‘meaningful’ rankings unfortunately, since there must be thousands of competitors that would love to be on the original list from the early ‘qualifiers’. Were are they? Has no one contacted them! Fill your list first, then, and only then, can you start on building a rank.

    How can a show that is already planned, (season two, remember) not have a full list? By definition, unfortunately ranking would be made defunct.

    As far as I am aware Jordan qualified because he is a quality qualifier and earned his place, months ago, not a slot filler that comes along today or tomorrow.

    Life would not be nice if I was the best in Asia because only I was on the list. Yes, I could boast I am the winner and the best out of my rank. A rank of 1. Surly there are more than 14 ‘Contender Asia’ opponents to start a rank and fill a show.

    I get it now, it’s just a show! Its the ‘Honey and the Fox’ show!

    I feel sorry for the fighters, I wonder how the fighters feel, it can’t be good when under a Fox?

    Fatsoking, is Thailand still in Asia?

  3. I definitely see what you mean by that Canadian qualifier. That video proves so much. The cornerman shouting commands, Jesse’s elbow pad FAR below the elbow with the ref not fixing it, Jesse totally being KO’d and didn’t warrant a 10 count…

    Props to Alex Ricci but flat out, both looked sloppy. Jesse’s Muaythai looked atrocious as well. What sorta stance is that? Granted, they were all tired, I see that but I donno… It doesn’t make me feel great that he is the one to represent my COUNTRY in a world watched show. Definitely gives Canada a horrible name.

    • Jesse is a very talented fighter. I think we will see this on the show!! There was tons of non sense around this fight and qualifiers etc.. But Jesse will do Canada proud!

  4. In my opinion brother Wormed…Canada’s best has yet to make an appearance. Canada genuinely has some very good fighters that don’t get acknowledged as much. There are many clubs out there working to do it right. And the fruits of their labor are showing up internationally without the benefit of a game show.

  5. I think that his talents and skill will become more apparent on the show and if you see him fight. I have nothing to contribute in terms of the selection of fighters for the show. However Jesse is a very skilled fighter. The video footage you have does not represent the best of Jesse. Dont forget about the 20 or 30 something odd fights he has had prior to the only one to be found on the internet… I cannot deny the contraversy that surrounds the qualifiers etc… but all I am saying is that Jesse actually has very decent ability in the ring..

  6. Well, I suppose we’ll see how his talent holds out if and when the show airs. All I’m saying is Jesse’s talent was tested with other Canadian talent and he lost. The video footage represents Jesse losing to the better fighter. The 20-30 bouts Jesse has had nothing to do with end result Jesse being KOed in unquestionable fashion. Well, actually I’m also saying Jesse should not be there at all too.

  7. In the end it is a TV show. I suppose the “casting” of the show is up to the people producing the show ….

    • Which pretty much nullifies the usefulness of WMC since as you know through reading the article ‘dude’ Burnett productions trumped the WMC pretty easily. Right ‘dude’?

  8. When you consider that Alex and Jesse looked “sloppy” in that fight, consider this…. that match was the finals; each their third fight of that night.

    Alex and Miles both had easy early KO’s in their first fights. Miles also had an essential walkover in his second bout, with Ricci fighting a 3 round toe to toe war…. Miles should have looked fresher in the finals than Ricci – but, instead, got KO’d.

    Miles will be an embarassment on the show. Trevor Smandych (who got owned by Narupol in the first season) is a more accomplished fighter, but was clearly out of his league.

    Miles 20-30 bouts are hand-picked and has yet to test true Canadian talent….. no need to go overseas to find someone challenging enough!

    I think it’s a way for the producers of the show to find a highlight reel KO to help with ratings.

  9. It concerns me that you have a blog where you post pictures of people and comment about them and their integrity and yet you hide behind a nickname.. Makes me wonder about your intentions.

    • Given that ‘dude’ questions my intentions when really the piece about Miles is given barely more than 2 paragraphs and yet has you protesting the most even though you agree that “here was tons of non sense around this fight and qualifiers etc.”

      I think for one anonymous entity to cry about another is pretty laughable right ‘dude’? Besides its an opinion piece if you can dispute anything in here please do with facts and I’ll add it. Since you can’t, I won’t.

  10. I know who Fatsoking is. He HAS integrity! Why? Because he is not a manager, trainer, camp owner, employee of any sanctioning body etc. – he is a TRUE fan and a passionate one. Just like me.

  11. Dude you make me laugh. Lol. It concerns me too. You was born called ‘thedude’ then, and your web site is were, sir? And your address and telephone number please? Our would you not put that on the web either?

    I am sure it has taken ‘Fatsoking’ much time and thought to give us this insight ‘thrown in’ with a bit of fun. 🙂

    Life is about choice ‘dude!’ And now you bring up integrity! Well done sir.

    This ‘roster’ makes me wonder about the Foxes intention. I do think that the intention of this blog is about the ‘integrity of Muay Thai’, not about a ‘fan’ called ‘fatsoking!’

    If the Fox didn’t ‘hide away’ from everything, then we would have clarity. Me and my friends can’t just turn up to the Olympics and step up to the 100m track! But at this event it looks like you can.

    See you in 2012 London, my 100m dash is 14s, some of my friends can do it in 12s. (Are we qualified then?)

    My intention is to watch my sport and say ‘yes he is the champion’, he beat all the other champions….

  12. Everybody who has the right intentions and who believes in honesty, integrity, fairness, openness and professionalism is a member of Team Larsenator. 😀

  13. Go get ’em Larsenator! Thanks for the support. Its pretty odd that given all the basic excuse making and really gigantic flaws with integrity and basic honesty WMC has the loudest complainer is the Mike Miles contingent. May be more needs to be said about Miles activities.

  14. I’ll try and get our Canadian correspondent to come on board and comment on this matter mate. 🙂

  15. A round of appaulse!
    I’m contented to see more on point facts of the screwjob that took place at the Canadian Qualifier. Every fighter that night deserved a fair chance at winning the tournment but was hindered by under the table unlawfulness, mismatches and decietful behavior brought to you by yours truly. I invite other organizations/promoters with a highter level of integrity to take note of this and rise above this mess to create a more authentic place for Muay Thai.

  16. For a more laid out and descriptive journal of this wacky convtroversy visit http:\\freewrld.wordpress.com

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