About and Contact Me

My name is Mike LNg

Welcome to my Muay Thai blog.  This blog is designed for and about Muay Thai. Here enthusiasts of the greatest ring sport in the world can come together to discuss Muay Thai and it’s events.

I like Muay Thai. I am biased. I know what I like and I know what I dislike. My intent is to spread the word on lesser known nak muay and fighters I believe deserve more attention be it past or present. My name is Mike LeNg and and my journey in Muay Thai began more than a decade ago when my love for the sport was first started.  In that time I have had many different experiences under many different trainers each adding a wrinkle to my experience and deepening my appreciation of the sport.

I also use this blog to deliver truth about the sport by letting you witness it with your own eyes with a minimum of commentary supplemented by videos. This blog will always be free from the voice of the paper kru, master and arjan. Made up titles in the west are becoming increasingly loved and not coincidentally have nearly nothing to do with authenticity or legitimacy.

Thanks for coming by and adding to the sport of Muay Thai.

To contact me use the form below.

You can follow the group also on Facebook.

4 Responses to “About and Contact Me”

  1. pretty cool bro!

  2. check ur dang email

  3. Great site! Good to see you are posting again. Where are you based, just out of interest?

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