French Muay Thai Legends Hold Summer Internship

By Mike LNg

I don’t often pay much credence or attention to seminars offered by almost anyone from fighters, teachers or anyone regardless of who or what they offer.  But recently I got news of a coming summer camp that struck me for its uniqueness and truly legendary status of the coaches involved. The prospect of spending 3 months in Thailand at Jockey Gym with 3  true legends of Muay Thai is something very worthy of attention.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky

This summer of 2010 the 3 French legends of Muay Thai Jean Charles Skarbowsky, Dany Bill and Stephane Nikiema will reconvene to hold their annual training.  The oldest gym in Thailand, Jockey Gym will be the site of the summer camp.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky is a 4 times European champion, world champion 2000-2005, and winner of A1. Skarbowsky retired in June 2006 after a long and illustrious fight career that included Muay Thai, K-1 and who spent most of his competitive life climbing the ranks at Rajadamnern stadium.  Some of the notable opponents Skarbowsky has fought are Fuji Chalmsak, Nonthanon Por Pramuk, John Wayne Parr, Robert Kaenorrasing, among many others.

Danny Bill is a 7-time world champion of Muay Thai noted for his slickness and precision timing. Bill became a 7-times Muaythai World champion with his first championship won at the tender age of seventeen. Among some of Danny Bill’s accomplishments he became: 1988 French Cadet Muay Thai Champion, 1989 French Junior Muay Thai Champion 1990, French Senior Muay Thai Champion and from 1993-1999 7-time World Muay Thai Champion. After retiring in 2006 Danny is known as a reknown hip hop producer (and yes in my opinion Danny can brings the beats as well as he could fight) but his legacy in Muay Thai is now truly legendary. Danny Bill is regarded by many fans of Muay Thai (myself included) as perhaps the best farang fighter in Muay Thai ever.

Danny Bill with world title belts.

Stephane Nikiema won titles of France champion, European champion, World champion and even the belt of Lumpinee. Nikiema would retire in 2004 after compiling a record of over 87 wins. Nikiema also had the rare distinction of actually being a foreigner training Thais such as Somluck before the Olympic boxing matches and Robert Kaenorsing. Perhaps the best known student of Nikiema’s is Jerome LeBanner of K-1 fame. Nikiema is best known for his clinch techniques which can be witnessed in the way LeBanner expertly threw Don Frye to the ground in one of the earlier K-1 Dynamite events. Prior to Nikiema LeBanner’s expertise in the clinch was some what limited.

Stephane Nikiema lands on Orlando Wiet

Last year the camp attracted twenty students and this year the 3 legends once again invite students to spend the summer with them training authentic Muay Thai. Jockey Gym in their over 60 years of existence have included such champion Muay Thai boxers as  Somluck, Saenchai, Leudsila, and Kaoklai Chaowalit.

The 3 promise not to hold back on information and promise to show techniques not normally accessible for casual visitors of Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. It’s also said that the environment of the summer internship will be both intensive in learning but fun and relaxed on weekends.

For any interested (and I know I am) you can contact them at for details on the seminar.

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~ by fatsoking on May 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “French Muay Thai Legends Hold Summer Internship”

  1. AWESOME! Would definitley do that if I was young and still fighting!

  2. I wish I could have been there for this seminar. Danny Bille is my favorite Muay Thai specialist of all time. I enjoyed watching Skarbowsky, and Stephane aswell….. really breaks my heart I could not be there.

  3. Stephane now runs a gym in Pattaya Thailand called Team Nikiema Muay Thai Academy. He’s a really nice guy too and can speak good English and Thai as well as French. Website

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