Fight Night Winnipeg – Nak Muay Gym’s 1st Fight Card

By Mike LNg

Fight Night Winnipeg

If you’re in Winnipeg, Canada this Saturday, the first local amateur Muay Thai card of Nak Muay gym is on. All fighters made their weights and passed their medicals tonight for Fight Night.

The Main event will feature Double Dragon’s Michael Jude Ormond (5win, 1loss) fighting The Sweatshop’s Tom Le (China, via The Pas, MB ) in a 5 round modified Muay Thai rules bout. Little is known of Le, other than he is an experienced San Shou (Chinese Boxing) boxer who has competed in China and Vietnam.

Under card details are on the graphic below:

Fight Night card

The event uses Canadian Muay Thai Council -Amateur (CMTC-A) for sanction. They are the Canadian leg of the International Muay Thai Federation (IFMA). In general the event is in support of a unified sanctioning body across the country. CMTC-A is already the PSO (provincial sport organization) for Canada. The goal with the CMTC-A is to unify sanctioning in the nation ,  making fight records more relevant in confirming a boxer’s experience level, making for more competitive bouts.

In general I have been highly critical of independent sanctions and their various efforts and motives.  And I will continue to do so and advocate in my small way for what’s right for the sport. But at the end of the day if this effort creates opportunities for fighters and increases the transparency and therefore enables doing the right thing for Muay Thai, I favor it. And this is doing right by the sport as far as I can see.

It’s an effort shared by intent with Warrior Muay Thai’s story if not by coordination. Canada has a live and viable Muay Thai scene and events like these works towards ensuring Muay Thai can be fought anywhere in Canada legally and safely.

There are still some general tickets available at the door for $35.

Nak Muay Gym is Winnipeg’s newest Kickboxing/Muay Thai program. The gym is instructed by Coach Dave Zuniga. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with 18+ years of competition and over 100 amateur/professional bouts in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. He is also one of few Canadians that has had the privilege to compete in Thailand’s famed Rajadmnern and Lumpini stadiums

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