Jean Claude Van Damme Versus Somluck Kamsing: To Be or Not to Be?

By Fatsoking

Jean Claude Van Damme Vs. Somluck?

Greeting fellow scientists.  I hope you’re sitting down because the rumored fight between Somluck Kamsing and Jean Claude Van Damme looks like it’s a reality. To be or not to be? – would seem to have been the question.

Thai Olympic gold medalist boxer Somluck Kamsing has confirmed the rumor that he will fight martial artist star Jean-Claude Van Damme in a Muay Thai match. Somluck is the first Thai gold medalist who won the featherweight boxing event at the Atlanta Games in 1996. In Thai media Somluck has confirmed the earlier report that he has signed a contract on September 4,  to fight in a match against Van Damme, famed martial arts film actor. The date has since been changed to October 2010.

The terms of the match according to Somluck are five two-minute rounds to be held in Las Vegas, in October 2010 using Muay Thai rules without elbows. He said he would be paid US$150,000 plus US$25,000 as training fee as well as a 2% share from broadcast revenue.

“I never thought about this possibility at all, but all of the sudden Van Damme’s team called me, saying they tracked me down from a hotel employee who knew me. They want me to fight with Muay Thai style, except the elbows because they don’t want his face to get bruised, because he is an actor,” said Somluck.

Somluck  said Van Damme knew him from a K-1 event in Turkey he fought earlier this year. Interestingly enough in the mid-2000s Van Damme was quoted as saying he wanted to fight in K-1. Van Damme’s participation a K-1 event would never become a reality.

Somluck said he would have to prepare himself well in order to fight the much larger Van Damme, but believes he would be able to defeat him with his superior Muay Thai skill and experience.

Somluck rose to prominence with a number one ranking at 57 kg or 126 lbs in all the stadiums, notable wins in Rajadamnen stadium and a thus far compiled record of over 300 Muay Thai bouts, 12 losses and 1 draw.Somluck has continued to compete sporadically to the present.  Jean Claude Van Damme is known best for his acting roles in Hollywood produced blockbusters as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, and Universal Soldier.

Watch the clip of Jean Claude Van Damme confirming the match. This would be the first time I have seen any meaningful confirmation from the Van Damme side of this proposed match.

Thanks for reading and I will certainly keep watching this topic as October 2010 draws closer.

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~ by fatsoking on April 2, 2010.

27 Responses to “Jean Claude Van Damme Versus Somluck Kamsing: To Be or Not to Be?”

  1. My dad will love the news!! LOL!!

  2. Pretty crazy isn’t it?

  3. I think it will a very intriguing encounter between d two. I definately trust van Dam to win.

  4. any updates on this?

  5. wats up with the reality show?


  6. are u kidding me? this is going to be the best programming since steven seagals lawman

  7. it will far exceed those levels. JCVD never disappoints. maybe you should cue up some of his classics or youtube some of his interviews on talk shows. alwyas brightens my day

  8. hello l love you jean claude van damme lm Turkish female

  9. Is this ever going to happen? Van Damme has postponded the fight several times now. Can anyone confirm the possible date. Somrak would easily win if he wanted, but it’s a TV show so…


  11. hmmmm…nothing else that i can praise bout him…he is awesome to all the nation with all his game over the world. i just respect over hi m as a fitgther….you did th best n well done all your job for so far

  12. So now it’s next July. JCVD is indeed afraid as he should be.

  13. he is an actor though. and old as shit. probably legit excuses

  14. the JCVD reality show is out suckas. the 3rd ep[i havent finished it] he talks about his fight with Somrak.

  15. So, the fight should be near now. Any news? Haven’t heard anything in Thai media. I don’t think Somrak is training seriously right now. So very unlike to ever happen.

  16. iam hearing at the end that it is a fake fight :S

  17. When is the match?

  18. is this really going to be happen?

  19. When is the match?

  20. As much as I would like to see it, Van Damme’s dilemma is not to fight another fighter, it is a fight within himself. He does not have to prove any thing to his fans, but only to himself and that is a bad combination. Though his intentions are felt and he means well and I understand that. However, his passion for fighting does not line up equally with a fighters’ mentality and attitude. He should bow out gracefully and keep his head up high. He has already made his mark. Should he fight, I wish my movie hero well and may the best fighter. So prove me wrong, JCVD.

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