Warrior FC Muay Thai Championships December 2nd Results

By Mike LNg

Warrior FC

Warrior FC was held in the AIS Arena at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra, ACT. Warrior FC (Fighting Championships) with two, featuring both Muay Thai and MMA, in one day.

From 4:00pm on the professional fighters’ part of the card was shown and the results are as follows:

The card  changed along the way with these matches and results:

Mark Sarracino vs. Dane ‘Daddy Kool’ Beaucham, 5 X 3, Full Muay Thai rules. Dane ‘Daddy Kool’ Beachum wins by decision.
Chana Eak (Thailand) vs. Daniel Kerr, 5 X 3 Full Muay Thai rules. Channa Eak wins by decision.
Cody Brooks (NSW) vs. Josh Heta (New Zealand), 5 X 3 Full Muay Thai rules. Cody Brooks wins
Nut (Thailand) vs. Brian Hasse, 5X3 Full Muay Thai rules.  Nut wins by decision.
Beau St. Quentin vs. Ray Irwin, 5X3 Full Muay Thai rules. Beau St.Quetin wins
Mary Wildner vs. Vannessa Taylor, 3X2 Modified Muay Thai rules. Vannessa Taylor wins by Decision.
Kim Loudon vs. Jamie Eades, 5X3 Full Muay Thai rules. Kim Loudon wins.

Much credit due to the Warrior FC scrambling hard still making this card happen despite some late cancellations.

~ by fatsoking on December 3, 2012.

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