Baxter Humby- Ready for the Next Challenge

By Mike LNg and Frank Lim

Baxter 'One-Armed Bandit' Humby

Baxter Humby is a Muay Thai fighter from Los Angeles, California, USA. Baxter has held mulitple world titles is in Muay Thai including the Internaional Muay Thai Council (IMTC) World title at super welter weight, The IKKC USA champion, and the current challenger for the WBC National (United States) Muay Thai title at super welter weight. Along the way Baxter has compiled a very impressive record of 68 wins, 11 losses and only 1 draw. On May 29th, 2010 Baxter will fight for the WBC National super welter weight championship against Harris Norwood. We caught up with Baxter via phone 5-15-2010 to chat about his upcoming fight and some of his experiences in Muay Thai.

Baxter in China

Starting with the obvious question: How did you lose your arm?

I was born that way. I was struggling to hard to get out and my arm was caught on my mother’s umiblical cord and severed it in while I was still the womb.

What made you choose Muay Thai as a sport?

I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba a town known for having some rough spots in it. I felt that Muay Thai was the most realistic of martial arts.  Muay Thai with it’s combinations applied directly to the streets for self-defense.

What sports did you prior to Muay Thai?

I ran competitively as a middle distance runner in the 1550 meter, 5K and 10k. I also ran for the Canadian National Track Team in 1992 in Barcelona and in Berlin in 1994.

What made you decide to make the move from Canada to Los Angeles, California USA?

I became a Canadian champion in Muay Thai and there weren’t many opportunities to fight. There are not many promoters in Winnipeg and not really anyone left to fight. I moved to keep growing in Muay Thai.

Who were your earlier influences for martial arts?

I liked Bruce Lee for martial arts in general and Don “The Dragon” Wilson for kickboxing.

What kind of adjustments have you had to make to be successful in Muay Thai  for having one shorter arm?

In Muay Thai I use hard kicks and switch up stances from orthodox to south paw. For clinching I use more front elbows and jab and cross while switching stances.

You’ve already fought twice in MMA how have you adapted to MMA?

I practice Brazillian jiu jistsu diligently.  I also use my elbow on my arm to reach in when in close.  I also compensate more for particular moves.

I understand there was some difficulty with the California State Athletic Commission’s licensing board. [An amendment by the California State Athletic Commission requesting that any applicant missing all or part of a limb be denied a license was later appealed]

I was able to appeal and win the right to compete back in 2006.

How do you see the level of Muay Thai in the United States progressing?

It’s growing extremely well. There are now lots of promoters bringing in talent from all over the world to compete with American Muay Thai boxers.

What are some of the civic activities and community work you are involved in?

I do a lot of charitable work and speak to students in schools. I also work with Operation Rebound. Operation Rebound works with veterans of the military who have suffered permanent physical injuries. I teach them Muay Thai and MMA and I travel all over the USA to do it.

In the Spider Man 3 film you did some stunt work.  How did the offer to do it come about?

I have a friend of mine who is a stunt man in the film industry and the producers needed a one-armed for a stunt where Spider Man punches through the Sand Man’s torso.  I was also known from some of the film work I did in the past like the Discovery Channel’s Amped.

You also participated in Shootboxing in Japan.  How were you received over there?

They loved it!  And they were amazed I could pull it off with one hand.  I beat the 152 lbs Korean champion. The opprotunity came about through Carter Wong, president of the Wuen Hop Kuen Association who is a good friend of Cesar Takashi.

Where did you train at for Muay Thai and where do you train at now?

I used to train at Sik Tai in Winnipeg, Canada and I now train at the Muay Thai Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Who do you train with for your MMA skills?

I train with “Judo” Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan to supplement the jiu jitsu training I already do with Eddie Bravo. With Gokor and Gene I focus on ankle locks and judo specifically adapted for MMA. I want to be on the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 but Zuffa’s people said I’d have to prove myself in MMA before.  So I now have some fights in MMA and am ready for the Ultimate Fighter.

You have well over 65 fights to your resume now in a career nearing 15 years.  What do you feel you have left to accomplish in the sport of Muay Thai?

Coming up soon I want to fight and win the WBC National Muay Thai championship at super welter weight.

Baxter Humby connects with a kick

What so far has been the most rewarding accomplishment you’ve accomplished in Muay Thai?

My most rewarding moment was winning my first world title in Las Vegas.  It felt like the most authentic validation of all my hard work and fights.

With your upcoming  fight for the WBC Muay Thai national championship against Harris Norwood what can we expect?

I’m going to get in close and use elbows more.

My first memory of you fighting was against John Wayne Parr in the United States. Parr seemed confused with you early on in that fight. What was your strategy in that fight?

I had seen John Wayne fight before and so I used angles and fought smart.  Eventually John Wayne caught me but I was only stunned and not seriously hurt.  I was pissed that my coach at the time stopped the fight.

Leading up to fights how does your nutrition and diet change?

2 weeks before fight time I don’t drink alcohol at all.  I also eat low carbohydrates and increase proteins.  I also eat more vegetables.

Do you have any final words for your fans?

The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself.

Much thanks goes out to Baxter Humby for his generosity spending the time with me on the phone and for Frank Lim in helping me transcribe this interview.  I’ve seen Baxter now a total of twice live and he always impresses me with a skill and ring smarts.  Baxter will be fighting for the WBC MUay Thai National Championship May 29th, 2010 at Holly Wood Park Casino in Los Angeles, California. You can also follow Baxter on his offical site.

Here’s Baxter in action against Blocker.

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7 Responses to “Baxter Humby- Ready for the Next Challenge”

  1. Awesome!
    I have a friend just like Baxter (lost one arm but from road accident), he can do everything except fight in the ring,he told he cant balance well when fighting.. gosh I got to show this to him.. thanks mike..good story..

  2. Last year , I saw his fight (vs Xu Yan)in China . I was amazing at his balanced capacity and his roundhouse kick .

    I think Baxter should use more front kick and side kick of Sanda . The 2 kick suit for him .

  3. I remember meeting him once when I just started Muay Thai 10 years ago in Winnipeg where I’m originally from. I remember specifically how amazingly fast and agile he was – from looking at his videos, he still has it.

  4. I agree baxter has a very fluid and clever style.

  5. good luck baxter,not only are you a great coach but a great person hopefully young kids see you as a role model,your slogan about only u set your limitations are words to live by

  6. Thanks everyone keep up the good fight

  7. This is a really amazing story! I love people who give their best and conquer the improbable!

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