Jean Claude Van Damme Versus Somluck 3rd Site Change and Fairtex

By Mike LNg

Somluck Kamsing, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Phillip Wong

Since there has been regular inquiries on the status of 80s martial arts film star Jean Claude Van Damme and Thai gold medal Olympian boxer Somluck Kamsing an update was long overdue. According to Jean Claude is very intent on pressing onward with the bout.

Jean-Claude Van Damme wants back into the ring for a fight against the Thai legend Somluck Kamsing. Van Damme and the Thai Olympic medalist Kamsing met a few days ago in Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on a press event.

On this occasion the two have signed a new contract to fight after the first signed contract was complete in December 2009. They agreed to meet by the end of the year in Bangkok for a modified rules Muay Thai fight.

Reportedly, more than ever, Van Damme seems determined to confront Somluck Kamsing in the ring. This fight is now scheduled to take place in November 2011. The news of the proposed fight was already known since the Cannes Film Festival of 2010 where Van Damme literally locked in reporters and assembled a press conference to announce it.

This fight as expected by fans and critics of Van Damme will be held at National Soccer Stadium in the Thai capital, the Rajamangala National Stadium. The battle that would initially have happened in 2010 in Las Vegas has since been announced that the venue would now be in Moscow, Russia and as of this writing the new site announced will be Bangkok, Thailand.

Finally, nothing happened last year largely due to a change of sponsor and especially the work schedule that overloaded Van Damme. Among his list of current projects for this year are:

  • JCVD 2011: Behind Closed Doors (ITV4)
  • Kung Fu Panda 2,
  • Cyborg (Director’s Cut / Opera-Version)
  • On The Town
  • Beur Rzhevskiy protiv Napoleon
  • Weapon Dragon Eyes.

The new promoter of the fight is now the current owner of the network of Fairtex Gyms internationally (USA, Japan and Thailand), Phillip Wong. Van Damme has, moreover, pledged to come and train at the Fairtex Muaythai Training Centre in Pattaya,Thailand the month before his confrontation with Somluck Kamsing. Images show very definitely Wong with Van Damme in the reality show ”Behind Closed Doors” he started for the English TV channel: ITV 4.

French Muay Thai legend and former champion of Thaiboxing, Guillaume Kerner was quoted about the battle ahead:

In light of what has made Somluck in the ring he can only win! Given that Van Damme has his career in films, nothing can be allowed to happen to him. It will be a very tight fight!

And finally  Béréniceotto, a close friend of Somluck Kamsing had this to say about the often delayed fight:

It’s definitely a battle over a promising title! Two stars will take the gloves and find their measure in a ring. On one side, the first Thai athlete to have won a gold medal for his country at the Olympics and on the other one of the most known international actors, especially known for his action movies. However, I suspect Van Damme carefully calculated to have that poster state: “Free him and all things are considered done … “

~ by fatsoking on March 2, 2011.

26 Responses to “Jean Claude Van Damme Versus Somluck 3rd Site Change and Fairtex”

  1. This better happen at some point.

  2. I do believe the stakes are high especially for Jean-Claude Van Damme. Thez are beyond money ! and do you think one second that Van Damme needs money?

  3. i don’t Van Damme is a poor guy, even after 3 divorces ……
    but maybe he need money for his next divorces …….
    it’s life of movies’star……..

    Anyway, now i will say (for the first time) what i deeply think :

    the high strake for Van Damme is :

    YES !!

    • I am a huge fan and I hope he succeeds in all his endeavors but he is not Christ…he is just a man trying to redeem himself. He doesn’t have to do this he is loved and respected and people make mistakes , we are ONLY human. I wish him all the best and may God Bless him.

  5. and nothing else ………..

  6. what the fuck?

  7. ‘what the fuck’ has different meanings …….
    so what do you really mean ?
    You need to know that on my side, i don’t speak fluent english.
    Could you say things in a easy way to understand.

  8. i really hope this is a publicity stunt…maybe even an “intense sparring match.”

    i can’t see somluck (even under modified rules) not putting a beating on jcvd. somluck definately has control of almost every moment in the ring (at least from what i’ve watched) and im hoping he’s in it just to put on a good show.

  9. I think it is just business to watch around Jean Claude Vandamme
    Doesn’t know Muay Thai techniks He knows some kick boxing He dosen’t know elbows, knees, clinch techniques
    this fight is preparing before with rules addapted for JCV
    I don’t think JCV wants to get any injuries
    As ex fighter when you fight you have this risk
    JVC never been fighter so he just want to use his money to make a show or people having no knowelges about fight thinking hs is a fighter He wants to realize his dream to fight
    To be an actor is a thing
    JVC is an actor for martial arts but not a boxer on the ring
    Each rounds will be organized as a film
    Why JCV don’t try to fight Mickey Rourke who had fought in boxing
    for a real fight
    it will be more realistic for JCV Rourke in boxing rules JVC in free style in the cage could be funny

    • Just for the record van damme did use to actually fight before his move to films, his record was.
      Years active 1976–1982 (martial arts)
      Karate and kickboxing record
      Total 22
      Wins 20
      By knockout 20
      Losses 2
      Draws 0

  10. La ou tu as commencé ! merci a Umauma !

  11. Just for the record van damme did use to actually fight before his move to films, his record was.

    Years active 1976–1982 (martial arts)
    Karate and kickboxing record
    Total 22
    Wins 20
    By knockout 20
    Losses 2
    Draws 0

  12. jean claude was 30 years old again !!! he would win !!! because he is A fast learner and very smart ….. and these days fighting s different , and hes thinking the same thing got some exsperiance ,learning more ! but now its the age …… and he knows it. but im still goona cheer for him …. becsause he has good side kick / hook kick and A good body shote , and im looking forward on see n it again ! but even though van damme would still be good in a street fight with most people his size still to this day …… yes i m right ! hope this message goes straight too him now … read it .

  13. Jean Claude is a frustrated man now and always was.
    When you know that you have built a career on showing that your great(in movies) and deep down you know that your a fraud,it gets to you.
    Anyone given time and the right training and exercises can look good in a film,martial arts or any film,why?because you get to retake the scene time and time again.Why wait until your old to make your mark?If he were really any good,he would have made time to make his name known in the real martial arts world and that would and could have only helped his career.
    Please fans don’t fall for the Jean claude van damme fake machine that’s being rolled out time and time again.I train teenagers that have more skill than vandamme has EVER had period.On the positive side Jean Claude made millions made a name for himself and yes,made mistakes,but his biggest mistake is believing his own lies and mistakes.I have PERSONALLY offered to fight vandame anywhere in the world entirely paying my own expenses and I promised it would be a short fight and night for him.
    The man is a fraud,fool and actor,nothing more. I will be 47 in October so I’m near his age,you can see my facebook page”jean claude vandamme”fake” for more news.So Jean claude,you know how to contact me,via facebook,I will make myself available on any time notice and I will jump on a plane anywhere in the world FREE !.

    • does it matter whether what the man has done or what mistakes he has made ,as he not inspired people to do martial arts .You say he is a frustrated old man and always was ,i was taught as a martial artist that discilpline and etiquette should be maintained so honour and a code were a state of a true sound a bit bitter about jean claude van damme ,i know alot has been said that is negative about him,but havnt the public and media made him what he is ,at the end of the day he is just human,so what does one gain from putting another person down or offering to beat him up .

    • Wow John!Arrogance,overconfident,cocky!!This already makes you the loser.Wen a man boast and raves about his accomplishments you have already been defeated.Who are you to say what he has in him and in his heart.Sure he made it big in films and made some mistakes,but who hasn’t when success and money arrives,I know I would.Just know that this is his chance to make amends for his past mistakes and closing of some wounds that only he knows.I know it might be a little late in the game but God love him for giving it a shot. I see a humble and caring man going for one last dream of being young and trying to give his fans a real life “bloodsport”.I for one hopes he gets his chance and finds his peace he is looking for,but Jean you have already won in mine and many others book by fighting through your demons and getting back to your family and in the end that’s all that matters.Now go destroy kamsing for all your fans,but mostly for you.

  14. Van Damme,
    Looks like you have trained your whole life for just another success!

    Good luck to both.

    Yours truly,

    Justin Rogers

  15. Just finished watching “Behind Closed Doors”. JCVD seems like a genuine good guy. He admits his mistakes and misdeeds towards his family. I think that is way more than be said for most men who cheat on their family. I understand how hard it can be to forgive oneself after hurting the people you love, even if they have forgiven you. I hope for JCVD to find a way to forgive himself without making those he cares about watch him tempt fate with the posibility of serious injury. I think I speak for JC’s fans, friends and family when I say we all know that you are 1000% capable of winning any competition you put your mind to!! Why not prove yourself by doing something like starting a program to help teach troubled youth how to fight in the ring instead of on the streets. Whatever happens JC I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in 2012. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you and yours!

  16. my uncal is 64 years 42 years old and 256lbs I’m in very good shape and is my uncle. he was world champions kickboxer too this day.he will whipe my ass and i can hit hard. once jean gets in shape he will whipe him up like an step child. my uncle trained a guy orlando who was champ for over 10 years my uncal name is jimmy garguilo his fight record.17-1-0 is also friends with loui neglia a fight promoter so age mean shit just ask me. the to do in tv commercials. appearing on radio stations he should be in the gym, the bag. want to guess in shape ill feel better about herself. and he will beat that guys ass

  17. i seriously say that van damme gonna win this fight,

  18. If Claude van same:-)
    . true to his word and does not let is fans down fight the man if your heart says yes and your fans say make all your fans happy and win we love you support you and in the ring with you kick some arse

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