Sakmongkol Vs. Marino Deflorin

By Mike LNg

Sakmongkol has a few trophies

In K-1’s first incarnation they did in fact have Muay Thai as part of their events. In 1996 at the K-1 1996 Revenge event Sakmongkol Sithchuchok vs. Marino Deflorin was just such an event. Sakmongkol is something of a living legend in Muay Thai having won the Lumpinee stadium title 3 times and the World Muaythai Council (WMC) world title 5 times. Sakmongkol was seen relatively recently against Cosmo Alexandre, which he won under slightly controversial judging, through no fault of his own. Here he defends his WMC title against Marino Deflorin.

Marino Deflorin is perhaps best known for his time as a member of Andy Hug’s team. Like Andy Hug, DeFlorin was a black belt in Kyukoshin Karate noted for their bareknuckle fights and hard fighting style.  Deflorin would also fight a former Sakmongkol opponent in Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers.

The craziest part of Sakmongkol and DeFlorin’s clash is the repeated Thai pad style kicks. Having seen the entirety of this K-1 event multiple times I have to say this ‘super fight’ stood out to me as the most exciting and engaging fight of the entire card.

~ by fatsoking on November 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sakmongkol Vs. Marino Deflorin”

  1. I was wondering where those “pad work kicks” were, but then when they presented themselves it was incredible. Thanks for putting this up. I hope to train with him when I return to the states and Colorado, what a nice man.

    • I’d love to find out how even ended up in Colorado of all places,

      • From my understanding the owner of they gym where he trains people (and for whom he still fights) Zingano met him in Thailand by his wife and MMA fighter Cat Zingano training with Sakmongkol. They are stationed in Colorado, so when he came to work for/with them he moved to there. Still trying to get his family out from Thailand to join him.

  2. is Sakmongkol now 2-11-2-14 living and working in Thailand or Colorado ?


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