Baxter Humby’s Reality TV show

By Mike LNg

Baxter Humby - USA Muay Thai Champion

I got this message from Baxter Humby and though a bit late it looks like a very interesting reality TV show with Baxter is headed towards the Discovery Channel. Baxter had the following to say about his show debut:

My new reality show “Bionic Builders” premieres this Sunday, Dec. 5 at 12 noon (check your local listings) on the Discovery Channel. I am asking everyone to watch it, DVR it, tune your TV to Discovery and just leave it on, etc. My goal is two million viewers. And I need your help!

Please check out this promo for the show and decide for yourself:

“Bionic Builders” follows Hollywood stuntman and amputee Casey Pieretti and inventor Bill Spracher as they design, build and test one-of-a-kind, extreme prosthetics that make their amputee clients (like me) “better than new… better than you.” Bill is a brilliant engineer with a dry wit and Casey is the irreverent and totally fearless crash-test-dummy for their high-concept, low-tech prototypes.

The show airs on the Discovery Channel on Dec. 5th on TWC at noon, and on DirecTV at 9:00 a.m.

~ by fatsoking on December 8, 2010.

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