Fund in Honor of Adrienne Simmons

By Mike LNg

Adrienne Simmons

Adrienne Simmons now has a fund setup for her by the generous people at As many of you already know Adrienne Simmons  passed away from sustained head injuries after competing in a tournament style Kickboxing competition this past weekend.

Sometimes I myself weary of the internal politicking, the non-stop fronting with a hidden agenda and various other ugly realities of the USA Muay Thai scene.  In a sport at grass roots level in the United States we need good guys and Adrienne was one of the good guys. Everyone in American Muay Thai lost one of their own in Adrienne. My heart felt condolences goes out to Adrienne’s friends and families. And thank you to wfighter for setting this fund up. Wfighter also has an Adrienne Simmons tribute page in the works. To donate please click here.

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~ by fatsoking on July 29, 2010.

12 Responses to “Fund in Honor of Adrienne Simmons”

  1. Her opponent will never step into the ring ; His boyfriend said ,“There was no one (paramedics or ambulance ) on site, so it took, from what I understand, 30 minutes before she was placed on gurney and ready for transport… So it was about an hour before she was prepped for surgery.”

    China media has also reported the nightmare and last week ,a Korea boxer Bae Ki-suk died after TKOed.

  2. Question Surround Kickboxing Death


    “Her last fight ended up being against a girl that, I’m not exactly sure what her record was, but she had over 20, 25 fights and [Simmons] had less than five,” said Ajudua.


    I think maybe this is the deadly reason .

  3. I tracked 3 nightmare since 2009,

    1. boxer: Kazuyoshi Niki vs Sakai Jockygym 2009-10-12

    2. boxer: Ki-Suk Bae vs Jin-Ki Jung 2010-07-17

    3. Muaythai : Adrienne Simmons vs Lindsay Scheer


    It is easy to find the common reason . There is a significant difference between the strength of the 2 fighters .

  4. Why ?

    If i was a promoter ,what i always think is how to make my fight card more nice or attractive . KO ratios is the key!

    How ?

    1 . more famous player but cost higher .

    2. if lower cost ,means less famous players. You can make the KO ratios! Just make the fighters diffenence !
    famous vs unknowns
    old vs young
    veteran vs fresh

    3. change rules

  5. But high ko ratios means high risks!

    The Equation :

    KO – Risks = $$$$

    in the equation , what we need is higer ko ratios , and lower risks . This is what K-1 AND Showtime do .

  6. I hate to tell you but the rest of the world does not agree with you that K-1 is doing it right – in five years they are bankrupt! Just wait and see!

  7. I read it the day it was released mate!

    I don’t see your point – care to explain please? 🙂

    • Hi, for my poor english , I am sorry .

      What i want to say :

      1. for the death ,the sport need more practical regulation ,just like Wall Street.

      2. do right thing always mean high high cost to somebody

      3. i think k-1 doing the right thing , but k-1 still will fail .

  8. We agree and I understand your point now. THe only thing you are wrong about is K-1 (FEG): they’ve publicly said that they do NOT test for performance enhancing drugs etc. which is a BIG flaw in any sports organisation I think – that can definitely lead to deaths too!!

  9. Let me add K-1 also has some of the worst officiating, judging and mismatching I’ve seen in any combat sport. Safety is a minimal concern for K-1.

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