Enfusion 3 Slovenia Final in December 2nd, 2012

By Mike LNg

Enfusion Final 3

I was surprised to learn that not only is Enfusion still going strong but that the Enfusion 3 finale is fast approaching. Enfusion was the means that the international Muay Thai and kickboxing scene got acquainted with fighters like Pajonsuk (Thailand), Rick Barnhill (England), Armen Petrosian (Italy), Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa), Mikael Lallemand (France), Cyrus Washington (USA), Sucz Barnabas (Romania), Sahin ‘Kaas’ Yakut (Turkey), Goran Aleksic (Serbia), Jan Van Denderen (Belgium), Steve Moxon (Australia), Pasi Lukanen (Finland), Mirko Vorkapic (Slovenia), Bruno Carvalho (Portugal), Alex Tobiasson (Sweden), Frank Peredes (Peru), Shane Campbell (Canada), Gago Drago (Armenia)and probably the biggest name introduced to Enfusion, Cosmo Alexandre of Brazil. The reality show concept while for me can produce mixed results, does serve as an adequate vehicle for fighters to get exposure. And Enfusion to their credit does find credible fighters with ring earned reputations.

What follows is the lineup update for the finals Enfusion trial of the gladiator. The male finalists will fight at 85 kg weight class, a significantly larger size than what was seen on the prior installments of the Enfusion events.

The last 4 fights for the team captains and male competitors is going to take place in Ljublana, Slovenia. The promotional team behind Enfusion expect attendance of 5,400. There will also be an international roster of female fighters fighting at 60kg. Two names among the female fighters stood out to me immediately, Lindsay Scheer of Real Fighters Gym in Kentucky, USA and Lucy Payne of the United Kingdom and Touch Gloves Gym, home to Julie Kitchen a 14 times Muay Thai champion. Real Fighters Gym is noted for their emphasis on a Dutch style of Muay Thai and kickboxing which should prove an ideal style for this event.

These are the finalists competing in the 85kg male finals:

1) Franci Graijs

2) Andrew Tate

3) Ritchie Hocking

4) Sahak Parparyan

First reserve fighter Ville Aalto

Second reserve fighter David Radeff

Male fighter roster

Male Fighter roster

The fighters in the female tournament:

1) Denise Kielholtz

2) Chajmaa Bellakhal

3) Lucy Payne

4) Lindsay Scheer

Female fighters roster

Female fighters roster

Denise Kielholtz

First reserve fighter Hatice Ozyurt

The reserves will only come to Slovenia, if somebody gets injured or cancels before the event.

Here is the trailer for the event:

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2 Responses to “Enfusion 3 Slovenia Final in December 2nd, 2012”

  1. Hi !! thank you for this article, te date of the finals is set on dec 2 in Slovenia, so not on dec 4; many people ask for ticket information; this is what the promotor told us:

    The price of tickets for Enfusion -85kgs finals in Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana (Slovenia) are:
    regular seats: 25 euros, and ringside: 100, 80 and 50 euros

    Thank you all and have a great day, looking forward to meeting you in Ljubjana, TEAM ENFUSION, Betty Gerber

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