Contender Asia 2 Cast Solidified for Now.

by Fatso King

It would appear the cast of the Mark Burnett produced second season of Contender Asia 2 is solidified and set to begin filming next week.  The cast as reported by New Strait Times is as follows:

1. Mongkhon Wiwasuk aka Malaipet(Thailand)
2. Rafi Zouhier (Spain)
3. Mohd Faizal Ramli (Malaysia)
4. Jordan Watson (England)
5. Paolo Balicha (Portugal)
6. Kit Cope (USA)
7. Bernard Radin (Malaysia)
8. Duane Ludwig Bang (USA)
9. Cedric Muller (France)
10. Eli Madigan (Australia)
11 Bakhulule Baai (South Africa)
12 Marco Pique (Surinam)
13 Levin Artem (Russia)
14 Marcus Oberg (Sweden)
15 Diego Ballardin (Italy)
16 Jesse Miles LaCombe (Canada)

Contender Asia 2 cast up this moment

Contender Asia 2 cast up to this moment

This will mark the first time an Asian produced show is broadcast to Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. With OmniMedia and Osys joining forces the WMC’s Stephan Fox will resume the role as ‘mentor’. 15 weekly bouts leading up to the final are scheduled along with the typical challenges. The prize money has been raised considerably from the US $150,000 to $250,000.   It would appear Pak Wing Heung of Hong Kong will not participate. Also mysteriously Diego Ballardin will replace Saro Presti. Airing of the show is scheduled to begin January 2010.

~ by fatsoking on August 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “Contender Asia 2 Cast Solidified for Now.”

  1. Jesse Miles in this tournament is a joke.

    He got KO’d in the Canadian qualifier (His dad is on the commission) and they overturned his being KO’d somehow to him winning?

    Alex Ricci is the real winner of the tournament.

    • It’s unfortunate that Alex didn’t get to go but on the bright side, Jesse will get tooled and removed from the show pretty fast.

  2. Good to see Artem Levin is back in the cast. He’s going to kick some ass.

  3. Wonder what station(s) will broadcast the series in Europe….. On the WMC website there is a Eurosport logo in the TV-partners section but Eurosport NEVER shows any WMC Muaythai (I’ve contracted as the Fight Club commentator for Eurosport for five years)!!!

  4. Here’s my early stab at a final four:

    Marcus Oberg
    Eli Madigan
    Marco Pique

    • I am with you except I think Artem Levin will be in there over Pique. Still, very good choices! I wish there was a different Thai representative though. Just silly that Khem was screwed over. Darnit.

  5. BREAKING NEWS!!!. The Contender Asia Season II will only start filming in OCTOBER 2009. So far, only the shooting of some moves by the contestant was done in Kuala Lumpur last week.

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