Cosmo Alexandre’s Interview

By Fatso King

Cosmo Alexandre is a unique entity in the world of international Muay Thai. Cosmo is the  first Brazilian to win the WMC Intercontinental and WPMF (World Professional Muay Thai Federation) World title. Some of you may also remember his participation in the It’s Show Time tournament Reality TV show last year where Cosmo fought Sem Bramm in the final. Cosmo has participated in very high level competition in Muay Thai both internationally and in Thailand including matches in Rajadamnern Stadium. Much thanks to Cosmo for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to do this interview. It should be noted too that this interview is in one of three languages (Portuguese, English, and Thai) that Cosmo knows!

Lucija Ryker once remarked about Cosmo that Cosmo was one of the truly nicest persons in one of the most brutal sports. That to me is also a good summary of my experiences with Cosmo Alexandre.

Cosmo with his WPMF title

FatsoKing: Thanks for granting this interview Cosmo. Let me ask the first and most obvious question: How did you get your start in Muay Thai?

Cosmo Alexandre: You are welcome! I was a soccer player before. When I was 19 years old I started train Muay Thai. A little while after I had to choose between Muay Thai and Soccer, so I think I made the best choose.

Do you train Muay Thai full time?

Yes, I train Muay Thai full time, it is my job.

Can you tell me about your training facility and trainers?

I train at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam now and some times I go to Thailand to train at Rompsrithong Gym.

What made you decide to go to Thailand to train?

There aren’t many events in Brazil and there aren’t any sponsors.  So it is very hard to make a living from just fighting.  So, I needed to move to Thailand with my family because I knew it would be better for us.

Cosmo executes one of his famous jump knees

Cosmo executes one of his famous jump knees

Who would say was your toughest opponent in Thailand?

Led Mongkon was my toughest opponent in Thailand. I fought against him at Radjadamnoen.

And who was your toughest opponent internationally?

Against Yodsaenklai in Jamaica. I was very prepared but he broke my nose in the first round so I couldn’t breath for four rounds.  I tried but I didn’t finish the fight.

Unlike many fighters you publicly acknowledge your spiritual beliefs in the ring by wearing t-shirts with Jesus on them and also acknowledging thanks to God. What made you decide to do this?
I became a Christian when I was teenager. I know everything happens in my life because God allows . If I am a good fighter , it is because He helps me everyday in everything. And the minimum that I can do is  to show to everybody around the world: He is the Way, He is the Truth and He is the Life.

What is the Brazilian Muay Thai scene like? Are there many opportunities for Thaiboxers in Brazil?

No, it is very hard to be a fighter in Brazil. But there are great fighters!

I notice that you have “Hoost” as your nickname. How much of an influence was Ernesto Hoost on your style of fighting?

Yes, in the beginning I had another style. Some people in Brazil said I had Hoost’s style.  But now my style is very different and I think it looks like more Thai style and my fight name is “Good Boy”.

I notice that you have done modified Muay Thai rules and Full Thai rules fights. Do you prefer fighting with elbows or no elbows?

Yes, I prefer to fight with elbows. I really like it.

You have been able to fight in many places internationally. Is there a place you prefer fighting? Where do you want to fight next?

I know of many countries now from fights. I liked Australia, Jamaica, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan …I don’t know. I think all the countries but I would like to get to know USA, Greece, and Spain.

What inspires you to fight most?

God! He inspires me and give me motivation. Motivation to be known as one of the best fighters! And now my son too!

In your opinion what is the biggest difference in fighting in Thailand versus else where in the world?

The Rules…here everybody knows that a kick is more important than a punch. In Europe it is different, more  like K-1 Rules.

Who are some names in Brazil in Muay Thai that we should look for in the future?

Vitor Miranda (heavy weight ) is the best fighter from Brazil. He needs one chance in the big events here.

There was some controversy in your losses to Shane Chapman in New Zealand and to Eugene Ekkelboom in Australia. Can you give us your opinon on how those fights went for you? And did you think the outcome was fair?

Both, hard fights!! In New Zealand Chapman went down 2 times…and the fight finished as a draw. Against Eugene the fight was very hard and very close! I think I won. Many people there think the same. But I think he is a great fighter!

What is your total fight record so far?

40 fights , 29 win and 1 draw

If you could rematch any of your past opponents who would it be and why?

Yodsaenklai , because I can do more than I did the last fight.

What do you think is the most important thing for any Thaiboxer to know?

Fight with heart.

Do you have any messages for your fans or to anyone in the USA that may not know you as well?

I would like to say, Thank you God for your love in my life. Thank you for my family!! Thanks to my fans around the world that cheer for me and never quit on your dreams.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9

Cosmos is fighting this weekend in Australia at the Evolution 17 event.  Best of luck to Cosmo Alexandre!

Here’s a short glimpse of Cosmo at work in the office.

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