Enfusion is coming!

by Fatsoking

It looks like It’s Showtime’s success warranted a 2nd season of their reality TV show. I enjoyed the 1st show even if it was modified Muay Thai.  Unlike the Contender the matches were much more even.  There weren’t silly challenges like ice chipping it was all about fighting.   One of the finalists last season was Cosmo Alexander of Brazil and he is now busily fighting on the It’s Showtime circuit. The event will be called: Test of Champions

Enfusion cast

The cast is also truly international with fighters from the Canada to South Africa.  $40,000 will be awarded to the final winner after competing in tournament style fights. All fighters will be in the 70 kg division probably the most hotly contested weight in Muay Thai internationally. Some of the familiar names are there. There are definitely some interesting names in the mix, including K-1 MAX star Gago Drago,  Pajonsuk, Armen Petrosyan, and Sahin Yakut.

Melvin Manhooef who was going to be a coach unfortunately had to withdraw due to injury. Filming is already in progress and hopefully episodes will be seen soon.

The fighters are divided into 4 teams and coached by different fighters.

All fighters and coaches are currently in Thailand, and shooting has begun.  Some interesting pictures have already been released, including photos from some of the fights.  Click here for a photo gallery, and here for a promo video.

At this time, there is no news on the show being broadcast in the US, and all European broadcasting news is still in progress.

FIGHTERS: Pajonsuk (Thailand), Rick Barnhill (England), Armen Petrosian (Italy), Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa), Mikael Lallemand (France), Cyrus Washington (USA), Sucz Barnabas (Romania), Sahin ‘Kaas’ Yakut (Turkey), Goran Aleksic (Serbia), Jan Van Denderen (Belgium), Steve Moxon (Australia), Pasi Lukanen (Finland), Mirko Vorkapic (Slovenia), Bruno Carvalho (Portugal), Alex Tobiasson (Sweden), Frank Peredes (Peru), Shane Campbell (Canada), Gago Drago (Armenia).

COACHES: Titiana van Polanen (Netherlands), Bernise Alldis (England), Catarina Valerio (Portugal), Eva Berben (Belgium)

Here’s the trailer:

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~ by fatsoking on April 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Enfusion is coming!”

  1. Hey fatsoking, what was the first season called? I know it wasn’t called Enfusion. I haven’t seen it before and I’d like to check it out.

  2. Hahaha, original thinking indeed. Do you know where to find the episodes online? Download?

    • I have no idea any more. The versions I have seen were entirely in Dutch too! The good news it hardly matters because there wasn’t a ton of dialogue but there was a lot of fighting!

  3. […] four teams with Thai Boxers and coaches. The cast and competitors were revealed in an earlier post here. Some spoilers ahead as events have been held towards the final of Enfusion but it looks like it […]

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