John McPhail Has Passed Away

By Mike LNg

John McPhail With Ilonka Elmont, Malaipet, and Dirk Stal

Sadly, John McPhail, long time trainer at La Puente Muay Thai passed away Saturday night in his sleep. John McPhail was known in internet circles under his pseudonym the “Flame”. And he chose the name correctly.  The ‘Flame’ was an appropriate name not because McPhail was an especially fiery personality or a quick tempered person but because his heart truly did burn with sincerity for the love of Muay Thai.  In many ways John was actually more like the “breeze” for his calm and gentlemanly demeanor.

I first met John At the height of Super League’s days in Europe.  At the time John McPhail had Malaipet as a member of his team and Malaipet was truly at the height of his international powers putting on virtual Muay Thai clinics in his clashes in Europe. John surprised me amid all the trash talking before Malaipet was to fight Patrick Erikson he had none to offer. John offered only assurances that Malaipet would do well and that he wasn’t worried.  True to his prediction Malaipet pulled a decision win out.

I won’t say John was the biggest, or best of anything but instead I will say that he was a good guy for Muay Thai.  And our sport lost a good guy and a gentleman for Muay Thai. Rest in peace John and thanks for giving so much to the sport.

~ by fatsoking on August 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “John McPhail Has Passed Away”

  1. Excellent portrayal of John, could not be put into word’s more accurately, he will be missed dearly…..And Muay Thai has truly lost one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport..

    • Thanks for commenting Jason. I truly am in shock about John’s passing. I already miss seeing the Flame online and speaking about the sport he so loved.

  2. the flame wuz my brothers compadre and my dads best buddy i will miss the flame so many good times…memories of u is wht we have ,,see u again one sweet day ,,, whats up fu!!! rest in peace champ!!

    • He was genuinely one of the nicer people you could ever meet in Muay Thai in the USA. And genuinely not motivated by money but by love of the sport.

  3. I was an ex trainee of john he was an incredible trainer with so much to teach and he really brought motivation with it may he R.I.P. John Mcphail

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