Manus Boonjumnong Vs. Eric Deris

By Mike LNg

Manus Boonjumnong in Olympic Boxing days

Manus Boonjumnong might better be known these days as the man who challenged Buakaw after rumors began swirling around that Buakaw had challenged Manny Pacquaio to a fight. Manus made note of Buakaw’s reputation for having a fragile chin in no uncertain terms. But in the 2008 Olympic boxing competition he was known as medal winner. Among his career international boxing highlights Manus, won gold at the 2004 Olympics and silver at the 2008 Games.

Now he has decided to fight professionally as Muay Thai fighter.  After an exhibition Manus took his fight on the road with Thai promotion Muay Thai Warriors 3 and appeared in this bout against Eric Deris, billed as an Italian fighter.

View the results of Manus’ labor in the video below.

~ by fatsoking on October 25, 2012.

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