Yokkao Extreme 2013 January Updates

By Mike LNg

Yokkao Extreme 2013

Another update has arrived from the Yokkao promotional team in the form of a new poster for their upcoming January 26th card.

In the meantime the equipment sponsorship side of Yokkao has been busy giving their Muay Thai equipment to the United States fighters preparing for the United States Yokkao qualifiers. The Take-On promotions event for Yokkao entitled Muay Thai at the Mecca 2 kicks off Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Now, the Yokkao Extreme in Italy news: just judging from the new poster artwork there’s some serious Thai talent coming to Italy in January. In my first post regarding Yokkao Extreme’s January event Saenchai, Aikpracha, Kem Sitsonppenong, and Sudsakorn were mentioned. Then a following post mentioned the intended inclusion of Aikpracha in the La Nuit des Titans card in February, denoting an obvious conflict in schedule that would likely make it impossible for Aikpracha to appear at both events with sufficient time to recover between fights.

Though the conflict in schedules was never publicly denied by either party, Yokkao does seem to affirm that Aikpracha will indeed be making an appearance and by promising teaser videos and showcasing artwork with both Sudsakorn Klinmee and Aikpracha Meenayotin in promotional Yokkao photo sessions.

Sudsakorn with Yokkao gear

Aikpracha Meenayotin with Yokkao gear

Now another Thai name has become known, that of Imwiset Pornarrai. Imwiset fought for Yokkao in the past at Muay Thai Combat in Riccione, Italy against Sitan gym’s fighter of New York Eddie Martinez. I wonder how soon this year’s Yokkao Extreme will also draw on talent found in the United States via the Take-On event. With the event fast approaching we will all soon find out.

For those of you that may have missed Imwiset Pornarrai vs. Eddie Martinez, Yokkao has put the fight event clip to view on their youtube channel among other bouts. Here is the fight below:

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