WAMTAC Night of the Warriors Amateur card updated

By Mike LNg

WAMTAC event March 6th, 2011

A lineup has been together for the rapidly approaching March 6th, 2011 card coming from World Amateur Muay Thai Association of Canada (WAMTAC). It looks like participation is going to be good and another important step towards developing the amateur fighters of Toronto and Ontario has been taken despite the CMTC-A party line that a Provincial Sport Organization must be place.

Tentative Lineup so far:

Amin Almelik (Warrior) vs Roy Candelaria (Southside) – 135 lbs

Bryce Johnson (Caged Dragon) vs Paul Schick (Redmption) – 155 lbs

Eric Sun (Warrior) vs Raul Rojas (Southside) – 140 lbs

Rob Mudford (Caged Dragon) vs Jeremy Crooks( Redemption) – 135 lbs

Tom Styres (Caged Dragon) vs Ivan Merida (Phady’s) – 190 lbs

Craig Renwick (Phady’s) vs Paul Martin (Kingston Muay Thai) – 190 lbs

Lyndsay Austin (Scorpion) vs Andrew Stevens (Southside) – 155 lbs

Todd Whetter (Caged Dragon) vs Jason (Tiger Gym) – 165lbs

Ralph Klubinsky (Caged Dragon) vs Preston Pierce (Southside) – 175 lbs

Main Event

Alex Rozicki (Caged Dragon) vs Barry McDonald (Redemption) – 155 lbs

Also it is important to make a clarification that this is not WAMTAC’s first sanction event, it is in fact WAMTAC’s 5th event, it’s 4th event in the Province of Ontario (the 1st was in the province of PEI) and the 1st in the city of Toronto, which is the largest and most densly populated city of Canada both in terms of general population as well as Muay Thai schools. Due to WAMTAC’s research and not an insignificant amount of litigation Ontario can in fact hold Muay Thai bouts and begin building their own future in the sport of Muay Thai.

Tickets are also available via the Warrior Muay Thai website.

~ by fatsoking on February 22, 2011.

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