PBAT 2009 report

By Fatsoking

The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PBAT) convened to report on their findings for the year 2009 with focus on fighters overseas and their supervision.

Professional Boxing Association of Thailand

On March 22nd, 2010 PBAT president Somchart Charoenwatcharawit announced preparations for a 10-year strategy that will include planning for Thaiboxers current and future for their activities after fighting. Much of these plans include aiding promotion in Muay Thai.

In January 2009 an event was announced for March to coincide with Nai Khanom Tom in March, international Muay Thai matches to honor Her Majesty the Queen in August, Muay Thai workshops in September, and matches to honor the King in December.  The PBAT also reported on  multiple workshops for referee training in January 2009.

The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PBAT) has reported on its progress made in 2009 and is preparing to implement a 10-year strategic plan, while focusing on its role to supervise the Thai fighters fighting overseas. On March 22 in Bangkok, PBAT president Somchart Charoenwatcharawit chaired the annual meeting of 2010.

PBAT said it has responded to complaints on Muay Thai issues and helped solve problems for current and former fighters as well as supporting activities of the World Professional Muaythai Federation (WPMF) and other organizations.

PBAT has used its authority granted by Thailand’s Boxing Sport Act of 1999 over Thai fighters fighting in overseas matches, saying that it has issued 97 permits for such fighters. The association also reported on its participation in four subcommittees of the boxing commission overseeing promotion and development, discipline, and supervision on officials. PBAT has submitted its 10-year strategic plan for the period of 2010 to 2019 to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), who will provide funding.

Source: Siam Sport

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