Alert in Thailand

By Mike LNg

As many of you already know tensions between red shirt protesters in Thailand and the Thai government have intensified and there are now many fatalities and injuries happening.  I am told for the most part you won’t find trouble unless you seek it or linger in areas with red shirt activity.

For those who don’t know the red shirts are protesting Abhisit Vejjajiva, current Thai Prime Minister’s appointment in 2008. The red shirts support ousted Prime Minister Thaksin. Thaksin was removed and was believed to have funneled billions in baht from the Thai government. The death toll as of Saturday was 21 including a Japanese journalist for Reuters news agency. There is estimated to be 100’s injured.

I’m no politico of any stripe so my message to my friends in Thailand is just to be safe and don’t take chances you don’t have to.

Thanks for reading.

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~ by fatsoking on April 12, 2010.

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