Ying Yai Versus Robert Terminator Comes to Kedah Cup 2010

By Mike LNg

Ying Yai

Some big news here as the Kedah Cup 2010 draws closer.  It looks like Ying Yai is to face Robert ‘Terminator’. Ying Yai made his mark in the world of international Muay Thai by first fighting and defeating Lee Chesters to win the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) world middleweight title on 29th December 2002. Ying Yai would then fight Steve Wakeling in what many would view as a close contest with Wakeling winning on points.  Now to any who witnessed this fight, it could be termed best as ‘interesting’. Ying Yai often palmed Wakeling’s face, threw him into the ropes and otherwise made it a fairly ugly affair. His antics slowed as Wakeling pressed and ultimately Ying Yai would lose his title on a points decision in London, February 16th, 2003. That said it was a close and exciting bout that UK fans still talk about. For a time Ying Yang was not seen in the Muay Thai scene at all. Ying Yai began resuming fighting in 2006 in local bouts but now returns again to international competition at the Royal Kedah Cup 2010.

Robert "Terminator"

Robert ‘Terminator’ was formerly a Pro Cheridkat fighter.  Robert has fought tough international competition including the UK’s Mike Tombisi.  Robert has also fought Namsaknoi .  With well over 150 fights and a comeback win at Bangla Stadium Robert now comes out of an MMA gym as a trainer in Phuket to fight Ying Yai.  Despite having limited vision in one eye Robert has proven he is a game fighter. It’ll be interesting to see how these two veterans do against one another.  Like Ying Yai, Robert is an unusually tall fighter with strong clinch skills and should prove a strong boxer in an interesting match up. It’s evident while both are beyond their primes both can and should fight a very competitive match. Its been some time since I’ve seen either of these two fight and given the history of one it could become very interesting very fast. For more information check the official Boxx Tomoi site.

Robert’s recent Bangla Bout:

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Thanks To Leo Monteiro for the corrections! You keep me honest and I appreciate it!

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2 Responses to “Ying Yai Versus Robert Terminator Comes to Kedah Cup 2010”

  1. He’s Robert Por Cherdkiat. Robert Kaenorasing is also a former champion, but now work as trainer at Jocky Gym.

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