Fabio Pinca – Striving to Be the Best

By Mike LNG

It is with pleasure that I had the opportunity to interview Fabio Pinca.

Fabio Teeps Bovy

Fabio’s record is 86 fights, 74 wins, 12 losses and an impressive 30 knockouts. Fabio is the current WBC Muay Thai 140lbs world champion, 2X French Muay Thai champion, WPKC European kickboxing champion, and a WBC Muay Thai international champion. Fabio was the champion of France in 2004 in B class before winning the bronze medal in the World Amateur Championship in Bangkok in 2004. Fabio has an upcoming title defense against Sittichai Sitsongpeenong at the Apocalix event April 17th, 2010.

For some of our newer readers can you introduce yourself and tell and us how you first started in Muay Thai and martial arts?

My name is Fabio Pinca. I first started Muay Thai at the age of 15. I discovered this sport by viewing some fights on TV and I was really impresed so I wanted to learn that!

Do you feel that Muay Thai can be practical for self-defense as well as in the ring?

Yes, I think so because it’s one of the most complete martial arts.

What or who inspires you to continue as a fighter?

Every one of the  fighters I saw on TV when I was young like Ramon Dekkers, Jean Charles Skarbowsky and all the Thai champions who fought at that time like Sakmongkol, Samart, and Somrak.

Is Muay Thai your full time job?

In France it is very difficult to do Muay Thai as a profession, so I have to work alongside training.  But I have the opportunity to work in a job that lets me have the time to train correctly 2 times a day.

You’ve fought Thai top talents like Bovy Sor Udomsorn, Attachai Fairtex, and Kem Sitsonpeenong. What made you decide to fight such high level competitors?

When I first started learning Muay Thai I didn’t think that one day I would fight at such high level. But when you start to fight and you progress in competitions you want to be the best so that puts you on a high level!

Fabio Pinca connects

How do you prepare yourself to fight against such high level fighters?

I train very hard twice a day. I’m very serious at the gym and I try to have a good nutrition too, it’s very important.

Is there a strategy you use for them?

No strategy! I try to adjust my tactics when I’m in front of my opponent.

Who has so far in your career has been the toughest opponent you have fought?

I fought a lot of tough opponents but Bovy was one of the toughest.

In the bout with Bovy there seems to be some angry feelings towards each other in the course of the fight. Can you comment on what happened?

Haha! No it happened and it was nothing special. Bovy is an aggressive fighter and I was really motivated to beat him. I think the intensity created a special atmosphere!

Who are some your favorite Thailand Nak Muay?

My favorites of Thailand are Sakmongkol, Somrak Khamsing, Samart, and  Sangtienoi.

Fabio Pinca lands an uppercut

A lot of attention in the west seems to be focused on hevier weight boxers at 154lbs/70kg or larger. I’ve always felt the highest skill level was at 140lbs/63.5 kg. Do feel like Europe and the west are beginning to accept lower weight fighters more?

In Thailand, 70 kg or more is a heavy weight. They don’t have a lot of nakmuay at that weight. But 63.5 kg or less they have a lot of really strong fighters. I think that in Europe we don’t have very many nakmuay who can really compete with them in full Muay Thai rules, that’s why most of the time they fight under K1 rules. But I don’t understand where’s the pride in beating a Thai champion in K1 rules!!

What’s a day in the life of Fabio Pinca like?

I start with a training routine in the morning. It’s one hour of running and a little bit of muscle building exercise. In the afternoon there is training at the gym: running, pad work, heavy bag, and sparring.

In France they had full rules Muay Thai with elbows padded. Do you feel this is necessary for Muay Thai to be accepted in the west?

For about 2 years now they allow elbows without pads in France and I think it’s better because that is the real Muay Thai like in Thailand.

Leading up to a fight how does your training and nutrition change?

When I don’t have a fight I just train once a day and I eat too much!(haha).  When I prepare for a fight I train twice a day and harder than normal. And I make sure I have  good nutrition to make weight.

Would you recommend Muay Thai for someone with no previous experience in martial arts?

Sure! I recommend Muay Thai for everyone because it is the most complete sport for anyone who wants to compete or just for fitness. You should try!

Fabio Pinca begins his ring walk

What is your favorite place to fight?

I like fighting in Thailand because the atmosphere is very unique!

Where would you like to fight next?

I don’t know. Maybe Japan, or Australia. I have never been to those places before so why not!

What techniques do you like the most?

I like all the technique of Muay Thai but maybe the elbows. They are the most effective!

Choke dee on your next fight. Do you have any words for your fans?

I would like to thank all the people who support me!! And I would like to thank also my trainer Nasser Kacem and my sponsor CASINOWEB.ORG.

Thanks very much to Fabio Pinca and Apocalix promotions for their time in making this interview possible. Fabio will be facing Sittichai Sitsongpeenong at the Apocalix event. Anyone wishing to attend can get a reduced price ticket and  get into the venue before everyone else at the Gotti Promotion site.

Here’s a clip of Fabio Pinca.

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~ by fatsoking on April 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fabio Pinca – Striving to Be the Best”

  1. Excellent job, BRAVO to Fabio, I cannot wait to see him fight again against Sitthichai, it’s gonna be great! I wanna thanx Mike for his help in promoting APOCALIX, much appriciated dear friend, and next time I want you there!!!!
    Tyrine Zannon (Apocalix promoter)

  2. No problem. I think this will a huge event. And its nice to see full rules MT in Italy!

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