Update On Redshirt Warnings

By Mike LNg

I’ve been watching the red shirt protesters carefully since the deaths of 21 people Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand.  Among the dead is a Japanese journalist working for Reuters news agency.

The following media sources have reported the following warnings and updates.
Irishtimes.com Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs has warned Irish visitors to Thailand to exercise ”extreme caution” in Bangkok and other areas after the country’s PM declared a state of emergency amid growing protests. ”The political situation in Thailand remains highly volatile and uncertain . . . There is a possibility of further political unrest and more violence,” it says.

News.gov.hk Hong Kong’s Security Bureau reminded travellers the red outbound travel alert for Bangkok remains in force. The Immigration Department has received 280 inquiries but no requests for assistance so far. It advised Hong Kong people in Bangkok to avoid demonstrations and large gatherings.

Todayonline.com The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised Singaporeans who do not have a pressing need to go to Bangkok and other affected areas in Thailand to postpone their travel to a later date. A ministry spokesman said those intending to travel there should closely monitor developments and register with the ministry at eregister.mfa.gov.sg.

Be safe friends in Thailand.

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~ by fatsoking on April 14, 2010.

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