A Documentary About Muay Thai Worth Watching!

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai has gotten more attention in the past 2 years than it may have the decade prior.  In the midst of this growth of curiosity and attention collectively we’ve been force fed a myriad of documentary films, reality shows, and basically exploitative fraud. So when I first heard about the documentary film about Alisanne Casey I prepared to watch it with a jaded preparation to basically hate on yet another greedy exploitation of the sport I love. I’m happy to say its not the case. This is actually a very worthy,  very smart film about Alisanne Casey’s journey through Muay Thai. I went from bracing myself to actually embracing this documentary.

Alisanne Casey

Alisanne has held the WKA North American Muay Thai Title, WKA American Muay Thai Title and was the 2003 WKA US Women’s Muay Thai Lightweight Title Champion. Alisanne also was a Bronze medalist at the 2004 WMC-IFMA World Cup Thailand. Like her trainer Kwame Stephens, Alisanne also received training from Sakasem ‘The Punisher’ Kanthawong. A little spoiler here but Ayumi Saito the girl Alisanne fights in the opening sequence is absolutely no joke.  She’s known for MMA but she’s basically a swarming mass of attacks.

Butterflies and Hurricanes covers Alisanne’s journey through different camps from the USA to Bangkok including stops in New York And Las Vegas.

Now the good news, even though this film is in my estimation worth about 10 of the reality shows most people have already seen you can see this one free:


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~ by fatsoking on April 15, 2010.

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