A Slight Return…to China

By Mike L Ng

It looks like the Kung Fu King promoters are in full speed ahead mode.

Dewey Cooper

China once again plays host country to 7 challengers in a sanda challenge event.  This time though it won’t be from Thailand instead all  ‘away’ team participants are  international  Thai boxers.  The boxers will come from places as widespread as the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Russia.  One of the names that came out from the press release that was known was Dewey Cooper.  Cooper gained his widespread fame by fighting in the well known Japan based K-1 promotion.  Dewey became known for fighting much bigger opponents and often defeating them with speed and precision. Dewey is something of an anomaly in fights sports having fought successfully in three different disciplines: boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. I have to imagine that his variety of skills will certainly weigh into countering the throws sanda is known for.

Ky Hollenbeck

The other known American competitor will be Ky Hollenbeck from the World Team USA Muay Thai gym in San Francisco, California.  Ky has a perfect 8-0 record in Muay Thai. Ky has also fought in mma as well compiling a 5-1 record and earning a championship. Like Cooper his familiarity with mma could prove a deciding factor.

On the Chinese side the named competitors are Kang En, World Boxing Council Muay Thai International title winner; Ding Ning, China Youth Wushu Champion and Xu Yan, Men’s 70 kilogram 2005 Shandong Wushu Champion. Kang En has in the past shown up on WCK Muay Thai cards.

The challenge matches were allegedly due to a United States Muay Thai Federation challenge which was accepted by the Emei Martial Arts organization.  The event is scheduled to kick off early next month in Leshan, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Should prove interesting and possible even more challenging to the sanda team than the Muay Thai teams sent from Thailand.

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Updates straight for the CSA gym:

CSA Fight Team Update: CSA’s own 3X World Champion Miriam Nakamoto and 2X US Champion Eric Faria are part of the US Team going to China to compete at this event.

~ by fatsoking on April 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Slight Return…to China”

  1. Miriam Nakamoto will be fighting on this card as well.

  2. Thanks Kirian. I will include her in an update!

  3. Now Dewey Cooper is famous in China for his poor performance of fighting .

    Ky Hollenbeck will join in a Fighting (China VS USA) of Wu Lin Feng May 1th 2010.

  4. Miriam Nakamoto KOed her opponent – broken ribs — see pics at http://pic.sports.sohu.com/group-212802.shtml#g=212802&p=1860899

  5. Oh yes Miriam splattered her opponent!

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