Slamm! Lives

By Mike LNg

Good news! It looks like the rumor on Muaymag is just that rumor and all reports of Slamm’s demise are premature to say the very least.

Slamm! Logo

While Mike Polanan does indeed have businesses he operates in Europe and South America he is not only not done with Slamm but busy promoting new shows with a full calendar ahead.

Slamm’s next show is coming July 4, 2010 in Holland. Then another event will be held in  Suriname August 29, 2010. Another card will be held in Rotterdam the end of September. And Holland Versus Thailand will be return in November. At the end of the year Slamm will again return to Suriname. Good to hear they’re still at it. Muay Siam got it wrong and I also repeated the rumor.  Apologies to Slamm and all parties involved.

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~ by fatsoking on May 17, 2010.

One Response to “Slamm! Lives”

  1. I spoke to Mike the other day and according to him he was in fact interviewed by the journalist of Muaymag but apparently the Thai journalist misunderstood everything to the point where he went and published false information.


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