Buakaw on His Future

By Mike LNg

Buakaw Por Pramuk recently completed his part in the movie ‘Yamada’. According to Muaymag Buakaw was not brought back not due to a contract dispute or what was reportedly Buakaw’s decision to pursue international Muay Thai bouts. Earlier it was reported that Buakaw would leave K-1 MAX if he did not win another K-1 MAX title notably confilicting reports later came out. Buakaw was quoted as saying:

“Mostly, I played action parts more than dialogue but it was not very difficult. I enjoyed this work. After the completion, I am on training to prepare for the match in London, England on Saturday 29 May, this year. In “MSA Muaythai Premier League”, I have to fight Jordan Watson, England boxer in a major match. However, this fight is just my warm-up program while I am waiting for K-1 organizer in Japan to confirm if they will include me in the next tournament”

Muaymag goes on to say Buakaw was not brought back  due to FEG’s financial tightening of the belt and has lost many sponsors.

Piyarat Wachirarattanawong,the new promoter of Petchyindee Boxing Promotion explains why K-1 declined.

In fact, our country is the origin of muaythai but Japanese has modified it. Lately, we planned to organize “M-1” tournament in the next year after discussion with 2 big sponsors, Toyota Motor Thailand and Charoen Phokapand Company Limited (CP). They are ready to support this thoroughly. Therefore, we start with the preparation of pilot M-1 stage on Friday, 2 July, this year in Nakhon Pathom. Channel 7 will broadcast live. It will be a marathon-boxing match, “M-1 Tournament”, with 65 kg specification. Saenchai Sor Saenchai (Sor Kingstar), the great boxer, is the major player. The best foreign fighters from 7 countries over the world have been selected for the matches like K-1. They have to dress with suit and necktie, looking like a world-class event. There are champion belt and abundant rewards. The great response from boxing fans is expected.

Buakaw following his UK appearance is apparently also booked to fight in a future installment of Henan, China’s Wu Lin Feng series. I can’t help but wonder maybe all this activity with the film is proving to be a distraction for Buakaw.  I hope not and look forward to what he can do in the UK and in China.

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~ by fatsoking on May 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Buakaw on His Future”

  1. Wouv. Calling a new promotion by the same name as another, more seasoned promotion is probably not the best start/choice. I bet Finkenstein and co. will sue if they go ahead with the M-1 name!
    TYPICAL Thai! :/

  2. Actually I think the M-1 Muay Thai brand is older than the MMA M-1.

  3. That was Branko Cikatic WAY WAY back in time promoting kickboxing – a once off event.

  4. LOL. 😀

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