Taipan Unleashed Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Taipan Poster

Taipan unleashed results. May 22nd.

1. Susane (Tactical Fight Team) Defeated Janet Perusco (Krop Khrua)

2. Jason McKewan (CKO) Defeated Richard T (Taipan)

3. Arnaud Formisyn (Bondi MT) Defeated Brad Rhot Thang Paton (Iwak)

4. Sai (Phoenix ACT) Defeated Levi Hives (Taipan)

5. Mark Fowler (PJT) Defeated Jason Tham Laai Konig (Iwak)

6. Troy Phillips (Krop Khrua) Defeated Ryan Edmonds (Taipan)

7. Mark Zalenski (Full Force) Defeated Tom Vullings (Phoenix ACT)

8. Tahne Newton-Green (Taipan) Defeated Scott Wilson (PTJ)

9. Liam Everson (CKO) Defeated Suriya (Sor Jaiphet VIC)

10. Kieran Walsh (Phoenix ACT) Defeated Michael Green (Taipan)

11. Sindy Maricic (CKO – Australia) Defeated Chantal Ughi (Thailand)

12. Tum Mardsue (Thailand WMC) Defeated Bruce ‘Preacher’ MacFie (Corporate Box – Australia)

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~ by fatsoking on May 26, 2010.

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