Lumpinee Park Peace Run Organized

By Mike LNg

With Lumpinee Park in the cross hairs of red shirts ongoing protests and disruption of day to day functions an official peace walk/run has been organized by the Lumpini Park Association.

Lumpinee Park trails

Somchai Pattana P. Chai is the association president of Lumpinee park and spearheaded the walk to commerate the horrible events of April 2010. Under the banner “Thai people and the power of one color” the walk/run will begin on Saturday morning June 19 at 6:00 pm directly in front of Lumpini Park, Rama 4 Road entrance opposite the building  Jue Liang.

The  route used will mark history through four significant points:  Rajdamri Road,  Sala Daeng and the separation into the original finish line at the Lumpini Park to commemorate the terrible event in Thai politics. The hope is that the run will remind people that Thais are all one people and how important peace is.

Anyone wishing to participate in the walk/run in Thailand can contact  Somchai Pattana P. Chai via telephone at 081-373-7416. The walk/rune vent is free of charge and open to anyone wishing to participate.


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