Ministry of Tourism to Expand Visa Stays for Muay Thai

By Mike LNg

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Official reactions to counter measure the damage done to Thailand’s main source of revenue have appeared. It looks it is getting officially addressed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS). As a natural consequence of the violence and basic hampering of basic functions of Bangkok tourism took a distinct down turn. Prime Minister Abhist Viasat has assured all visitors that normalcy has returned to Thailand and he’s at least rhetorically assured everyone Thailand is on the path to reconciliation towards all factions of the conflict with the red shirts.

But beyond those obvious statements MOTS has issued the following statement on their own site:

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports places the safety and security of international tourists above all else. Free travel insurance for foreign tourists and a waiver of tourist visa fees have been extended to 31 March 2011. The Royal Thai Government has issued insurance measures to protect foreigners visiting Thailand who areinjured or unable to travel out of Thailand due to rioting. This programme is intended to boost the confidence of foreigners visiting Thailand.

As part of a coordinating effort to help inject some money again into Bangkok’s Muay Thai tourism and training camp industry Nirot Sunthornlekha, the president of Commission of Tourism and Sports, House of Representatives (MOTS) revealed that MOTS was preparing to advance the concept of the Muay Thai visa.  All related parties of the Thai Ministry of Finance and tourism are expected to attend.

In essence the proposed Muaythai VISA will offer an opportunity for foreigners who want to study Muay Thai in Thailand a longer initial stay to do so. The Muay Thai visa will expand on the typical duration of 3 months to 6 months to a year. So prospective students now have a minimum of twice the time to devote to Muay Thai training on a visa while in Thailand.  Muaythai camps, which have been registered legally with Sports Authority of Thailand or educational institutes containing Muaythai curriculum, such as Banbueng Rajabhat University and Bangkok Thonburi University, will approve this.

Good thinking on the Thai government’s part I think.  And I have a pretty good feeling this will shortly coalesce into a reality.

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~ by fatsoking on June 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “Ministry of Tourism to Expand Visa Stays for Muay Thai”

  1. hi, i am am fan of muay thai, i am an ex kyokushin and i am actually training in kick boxing, and i intend one day to come for training camp session in Thailand (my dream) can i have an official contact with whom i can deal and inquire on procedures, possibilites as well as fee structures… thx

    • Hi Ajmal many good camps are out there in Thailand. In regards to prices and policies those will vary from camp to camp. As far as the extended Muay Thai visa that has to date not been officially ratified though I suspect it will be soon.

  2. thx for the prompt feedback, i would also like to know where i can get the list or details of the different camps in Thailand and their prices and policies…

  3. Your best bet is from the camps themselves. Your best bet is to ask around for their reputations and respective goals you need met in training. There is literally too many to list.

  4. ok, but i am not from thailand and i dont know nobody in thailand, how can you guide me to the owners of the training camps? is it possible, as i am a foreigner with the just fact of muay thai training as an improvement?

  5. Might best be found on they maintain a very comprehensive list and review of many camps.

  6. It is really fantastic and and i am truly glad to see this i have my friends sub-league tournament tomorrow morning and this will really help him ti mind well during his performance.

    muay thai training thailand

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