4 Thai Legends Come to Plano, Texas

By Mike LNg

4 Thai Legends

Summer time is here and that means seminar season is in first swing.  As I noted in an earlier post I normally stay away from seminar announcements but this one is worth paying attention to. Saeksan in Texas will be the host to four legends of Muay Thai.

Jongsanan is a name at this point I would hope most USA Muay Thai fans would know. But in case you don’t, Jongsanan also know as the ‘wooden man’ for his imperviousness to opponent’s attacks was the 2x ISKA World Champion,IKKC Junior Middleweight World Champion,IKF North American Champion and of course the 2x Luminee Champion. The Lumpinee credential should be noted was achieved at atime when Thailand was enjoying what most regard as the ‘golden era’ of Muay Thai.

Matee ‘Dragonleg’ Jedeepitak was a Lumpinee Champion at Featherweightmultiple times, World Muay Thai Council – Featherweight Champion, and the I.K.F. Pro San Shou Welterweight World Champion. Matee was an unusual fighter both for his background and for his very ring smart style. With well over 190 + fights to his resume Matee is also a legend coming from Muay Thai’s golden era of Muay Thai.

Sakasem “The Punisher” Kanthawong  is a three time Muay Thai World Champion with over 250 professional fights, having never been knocked out. He alao became the Hong Kong open Champion by defeating all comers. Anyone who hasn’t had the Sakasem experience in a seminar yet is going to find out there was a nother reason he was named the Punisher beyond the ring. All I will say on that is come in shape.

Saeksan has also been a multiple title holder in Muay Thai and will be hosting this event. Saeksan has well over 30 years experience in teaching and fighting Muay Thai and will be bringing a 4th Thai Muay Thai legend to the seminar. Saeksan will also bring on another Muay Thai legend ‘surprise’ guest.  The seminar organizers leaked the name out to me but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  What I can and will say though is he is every bit a legend as the other seminar instructors.

Anyone interested in attending a pretty unique seminar opportunity should get in contact with the seminar organizers tomorrow for the cheaper rate of $100 for the June 15th to June 17th seminar.  After the 15th the price will be $140 for 3 days.

SAEKSON MUAY THAI ASSOCIATION, 3033 W. Parker Road #202 Plano, TX. 75023

(972) 769-8663


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