Yamada Film Featuring Muay Thai Greats

By Mike LNg

Buakaw in movie garb

This story was shared with me via Phon Martee. It looks like some initial press coverage is emerging for the film Yamada – The Samurai of Ayothaya.

Yamada stars some  famous Muay Thai and Boxing superstars: Boxing Olympic Gold medalists – Somjit & Mahnut; Muay Thai Greats – Somluck, Saenchai, Annuwat, Yodsanklai & more.

“YAMADA NAGAMASA”, the young Samurai of Edo period, came to be a soldier in the Japanese volunteer regiment in Auothaya. He fought against a group of Japanese who disguised themselves as the Hongsawadee soldiers and beset Ayothaya with troubles led by “Kuroda Toranaga”. Yamada was critically injured and helped by a group of Thai warriors. They, later, vowed to be “bosom friends”.

Yamada was taken to the priest with a talisman and incantation who imparted the knowledge of Thai boxing and fencing to him. Later on, Yamada and his friends passed the fighting recruitment held to select the masterful combatants to be the Royal guards of King Naresuan the Great, the heroic king who declared the independence from Hongsawadee. Yamada and his friends fought bravely against the enemies, which could please the king very much. However, the never forgot to take revenge on Kuroda, who had defamed the Japanese. Finally, he could successfully kill Kuroda but in exchange for the life of his “friends”.

Being deeply grateful for the kindness of the Ayothaya king and the true friendship of the Siamese, the young Samurai was resolved that “This land was not my birthplace but where my soul would rest”.

It looks like the films of Tony Jaa have wedged an opening for Thai films specifically featuring Muay Thai for international audiences.  I am wondering how real nak muay’s moves will translate into movie Muay Thai. It looks like the producers have wisely opted to go with a cast featuring Thaiboxers with an international following.  With that nod of the head from the producers I almost feel obligated to go forth and support this film via at minimum a rental. View the trailer below.  I have to admit it did actually get me excited for this film.

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