Big 8 in Belarus

By Mike LNg

Big 8

Thanks goes to Julia Korkina for sharing this information. On Sept. 11th, 2010 in Minsk at the sports complex “Minsk-Arena” the Big 8 tournament will take place called  Kings of Muay Thai – World Cup Thai Boxing . The event will be independently sanctioned by the World Kickboxing Network (WKN).

The tournament will involve eight premier fighters from around the world. Fighters had to win their place on the tournament by participating and winning in Continental eliminators. The right to participate in the Continental Cup is won by winning at the country level of the tournament. Supposedly this brings us to the Big 8 final tournament.

The tournament consists of professional fighters in the 67 kg tournament. There will also be WKN world champions decided on this event  in April for the super heavyweight division. All fights will have full Muay Thai rules.

According to the official Big 8 tournament site the confirmed fighetrs partipating in the Belarus Big 8 are as follows:

Andrew Kulebin (honored master of sports, 15 time world champion) represents Belarus – a country organizer;
Malaipet – Representative United States of America, winner of the continental qualifying tournament;
Marcos – representative of the North America, the winner of the continental qualifying tournament;
Sudsakorn – from Asia, the winner of the continental qualifying tournament;
Mitobisi – from Africa, the winner of the continental qualifying tournament;
Ruslan Kushnirenko – won the tournament, eight in Kharkov, represents Europe;
Teylop Harvey – the representative of Australia and Oceania, the winner of the continental qualifying tournament;
Igor Petrov – the owner of “Wild Card”, winner of the qualifying tournament of the CIS;

Title fights:
+100 Kg Alexei Kudin (5-time world champion in Muay Thai and kickboxing) and Faisal Zakaria (New Zealand), world champion in Muay Thai champion Radzhadamnern.
76 kg Dmitry Valent (4-x time world champion in the middle of professionals) and Artem Levin (RF), 5-time world champion.
57 kg Alla Ivashkevich (World champion, Europe and Asia) and the world champion from Australia.

Some very big names of international Muay Thai are on this roster and I especially look forward to the performance of Artem Levin who has consistently been the standout name for me at 76kg.

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