Frederic Jean Now Offering Seminars

By Mike LNg

Frederic Jean Training in Thailand

Despite many, many requests I very seldom run information or posts on seminars.  There’s multiple reasons for this: first I am wary especially if someone reads my impression of it, pays money and attends and is disappointed or worse still feels ripped off. I’d hate to be part and parcel for someone paying money and losing out especially in the name of furthering their Muay Thai knowledge. Second, its apparent to my eyes that a lot of them are just flat out low quality or offer very minimal basic or even incorrect information.  Make no mistake I get a lot of seminar post requests of that category. With a clear conscience I won’t let that pass so long as I am aware of it. If I do post information on a seminar I believe in it, know the person doing it, or just plainly believe in the product or service they have to offer. Otherwise I flatout won’t do it. And I am skilled at the fine art of saying ‘no, thanks’.  Recently, I was asked by a gentleman named Frederic Jean to let people know he was available for seminars on Muay Thai in the United States and in Canada.

Naturally I asked the questions I would expect anyone reading my site to ask ‘Who are you and why should I learn Muay Thai from you?’ The first thing about Frederic that struck me is how incredibly honest and open Frederic was.  He quickly disclosed video samples of him teaching along with a price list and contact information. This was something virtually unheard of at least by me from seminar instructors.

Frederic Jean began his journey into martial arts at the ripe old age of 7 years old beginning with judo. Frederic earned his black belt at 15 and at 18 moved on to Shotokan karate. At the age of 25 Frederic discovered Muay Thai on a trip to Thailand. Like many of France’s current Muay Thai teachers Frederic was one of the first wave of Europeans truly immersing themselves in Muay Thai and Thai and Lao culture as well.

The legendary Podpadnoi Worawoot was his first teacher.  “Golden Leg” as Podpadnoi came to be known is considered by most Muay Thai fans to be a true legend of Muay Thai and among one of the top 5 best ever. From the years of 1971-1975 Pudpadnoi was a 5-time Lumpinee Stadium champion.

Pudpadnoi "Golden Leg"Worawaoot

Frederic loved it so much that he soon had his first fight in Pattaya which would be a losing effort but the love of Muay Thai remained. Frederic would go on to compile a record of 25 fights, 20 wins, 12 wins by knockout with only 4 losses and a draw. Not too bad for a late start. But his biggest mark in the sport is as a teacher of Muay Thai. And what he doesn’t do is as notable as what he does do.  Frederic doesn’t refer to himself as ‘arjahn’ and even remarked to me “they don’t really do that in Thailand”.  He doesn’t have ‘secrets’ instead he has highly refined and smart techniques that will spark tactical thinking on your own.

Frederic began compiling his experience in Muay Thai after an extended 2 year stay living there. During his time Frederic spent in Thailand he learned at many different camps like Sit Sorn Thorn ( Khon Khien), Sit Or gym (Pattaya), Sor Vorapin (Bangkok), Kiet Ban Chong (Bangkok), and Sor Thanikul (Bangkok). Frederic impressed upon me the importance of experiencing different gyms in Thailand because they have specific skills in different aspects of Muay Thai. And that it was important to learn different aspects to make your Muay Thai better and more well rounded.

Frederic Jean diligently training in Thailand

Frederic also makes no bones about the knowledge he brings.  Having experienced Muay Thai for 26 years and counting, he like most people consider the 1990s era the best era of Muay Thai and that the French nak muay greats of this era learned in the same way he did. Among some of Frederic’s pupils are Clifton Brown and Patrice Quarteron. Frederic also pointed out even MMA fighters like Cheick Congo and Cyrille Diabate have strong Muay Thai backgrounds.

But Frederic is above and beyond a diligent enthusiast.  Aspects of his Thai experience are definitely now lifelong: Frederic speaks Thai and Lao fluently, and even eats only Lao food. Not that either is a prerequisite to be a good seminar instructor but it does indicate his love of Muay Thai extends to Thai culture.

Here’s another thing that separates Frederic from the typical Muay Thai seminar instructor:  He makes it publicly known what his curriculum is along with his price rate.

For seminars
You can choose 4/5/6 hours per day for example starting 9 am to 12pm and restart from 4 pm to 7 pm for 6 hours a day. Or 3 pm to 7 pm. Frederic emphasized his time will be adapted to your students and his time will be flexible.

Frederic states his objective is to teach Muay Thai seminars to the USA and Canada. Frederic tries to mirror training like going to train in a camp in Thailand. The difference is students are at home.

Frederic Jean’s Muay Thai Program
1.) Warm up , shadow boxing, basic techniques,
2.) Pads (pao) working, (using punches, elbows, knees, kicks)with attack and defense on combinations
3.) Sparring Muay Thai with padded protections Muay Thai full rules
4.) Bag working (how to use the bag)
5.) Special sparring using only punches, elbows, knees techniques.
6.) Clinch techniques, how to control the head using knees, how to enter the clinch  and how to escape from the clinch
7.) Strategy of fighting versus different styles of fighters such as a kickboxer

Some other topics Frederic covers with strategy:

  • How to enter a clinch using the knees techniques
  • How to use knee techniques versus an opponent with good international boxing skills
  • How to get out from the clinch with elbows
  • How to hold the head at the beginning of fight  and throw knees to the liver, solar plexus and the face
  • How to sweep 2 legs with a low kick

8.) Technique combinations to chains kicks, knees, fists, elbows. How to grab a kicking leg in Muay Thai
9.) Set up and calisthenic work
The seminar will be adapted for all levels from beginner to professional fighters. And to be perfectly honest his rates are very reasonable and also made public which most don’t do:
150US$ per student for 4 days
160US$ per student for 5 days
170US$ per student for 6 days
4/5/6 hours per day won’t change the prices and the seminars are adapted for your students and the desired length of time. While it’s not as sexy or maybe from a fan perspective as cool as a big name fighter (I like them too) throwing a seminar sometimes the best teachers aren’t always the best fighters and there is no substitute for the kind of experience someone like Frederic has in its depth and variety.

Frederic Jean

Frederic Jean can be reached via email at or via phone at the following contact numbers.

Home phone 00 33 2 48 59 84 68
Cell 00 33 6 16 03 84 52

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