Guess Who’s Back?

By Mike LNg

Steven Wakeling Returns

I got a message about this from the Champions Club of Pattaya’s Bernard Caplin. By all expectations now apparently Steven Wakeling will be returning to Muay Thai in the ring.

Steven Wakeling made an early impression on the UK and world Muay Thai fan base on Dan Green’s Muay Thai event by beating Yingyai. Following that win Wakeling went on to fight and beat Australian standout John Wayne Parr and had a high profile fight with Lamsongkram Chutwatanna, with Lamsongkram winning that one. Wakeling is set to make the return at super middleweight and reportedly an opponent for Wakeling is being negotiated for the 76 kg category.

It’s good to see Steve back and I always wondered where he went since Wakeling is still a very young (I think) 25 years old and should have many good years of fighting ahead. The obvious question to be answered by Wakleing’s return is how much has the time off hurt or helped him? And can he be as dominating as he once was? Wakeling fights out of the Scorpions Gym in Leeds, England along with his brother and fellow nak muay Mark Wakeling.

At the The Champions Club 6 Steven Wakeling is scheduled to fight again as one part of the main event on January 8th, 2011. Also scheduled to appear is Joachim Carlson of Contender Asia fame. Joachim has been selected to participate as part of an 8-man tournament to be held also at The Champions Club 6.

For ticket information and official details visit

~ by fatsoking on September 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Guess Who’s Back?”

  1. …wakeling is only 25 years old?

  2. Steve is on the come back and beleave me he is ready !!. He fights out of the world famous Scorpions gym based in Beckenham not leeds, along with he’ brother MIKE who has just won a WMC M.A.D title at londons Excel center.
    The gym is run by their dad mark,A true Muay Thai gym not one of theses mma / muay thai gyms ….

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