Wu Lin Feng Spectacular Lineup

by Mike LNg

Wu Lin Feng Comes to Las Vegas

The full fight lineups as known have now been revealed. In Sync productions and Dennis Warner will be teaming up to  bring the WuLinFeng Las Vegas Spectacular to the United States on November 13th, 2010. The hosting venue will be Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wu Lin Feng as many of you already know reaches more than 30 million viewers via their television product broadcasted from the Henan TV network in China. Live attendance of Wu Lin Feng regularly numbers in the 6,000+ mark. Wu Lin Feng began negotiating with other international markets including the UK and now the USA.

In a very real way I could see Wu Lin Feng ultimately filling the void the ailing K-1 brand of Japan is rapidly opening through lackluster matchmaking and not paying fighters. Though time will ultimately tell on that note.

In typical fashion China will no doubt be leveraging the nationalist pride angle for a United States versus China theme. Dennis Warner has even been quoted as saying “It has taken a whole year for WuLinFeng organization to select the Chinese fighters for this competition.  Each and every one of them had to earn their place in the team,”

Kang En of China will be making an anticipated return to the ring in the United States and was at one time scheduled to rematch Kevin Ross.

The fights on the card will consist of 2 full rules Muay Thai bouts with WBC Muay Thai overseeing the matches while the remainder of the fights will be conducted under modified rules with out elbow strikes.

Las Vegas favorite, Jack Thames will stand up to Guang Hong, the star of the Art of War championship and national champion of China.  Thames is coming off of two wins by KO and TKO against Mike Ryan of Los Angeles, and Eric Utsch of Penn. respectively.  Thames is also set for a re-match with Craig Buchanan for a WBC MuayThai National middleweight belt after a close fight result in April of this year.

Heath “Cowboy” Harris is set to fight the leader of the Chinese team Wang Hongxiang, who demonstrated a spectacular win over Joe Schilling last year in Las Vegas.  Harris is best-known for his knockouts, 28 knockouts out of 29 wins.

Complete fight card is as follows:

WBC Muaythai International Super Lightweight Bout 5rds.

Ben Yelle vs Kang En

WBC Muaythai Super Featherweight Bout 5rds.

Nat McIntyre vs Li Ning

WuLinFeng Cruiserweight Bout 3rds.

Andy Kapel vs Guo Qiang

WuLinFeng Middleweight Bout 3rds.

Jack Thames vs Hong Guang

WuLinFeng Light Heavyweight Bout 3rds.

Heath Harris vs Wang Hongxiang

WuLinFeng Super Welterweight Bout 3rds.

TBA vs Xu Yan

WuLinFeng Welterweight Bout 3rds

Alfred Khashakyan vs Lin Shuai

WuLinFeng Women’s Featherweight Bout 3rds.

Tiffany vanSoest vs Wang Cong

WuLinFeng Middleweight Bout 3rds.

Adrien Grotte vs Yi Long

Fights start at 7 p.m. at Harrah’s Las Vegas Ballroom.

Tickets are priced at $75, $100 and $150. For fight info, please dial 877-446-7962. For tickets please call 866-998-3427 or go to www.vegas.com.

Notably, no WBC Muay Thai straps are being staked and it appears true to Patrick Kusic’s word WBC Muay Thai will convene in Cancun, Mexico’s convention to determine rankings, committees and overall structure on how each country decides its rankings.  To that end I have made a request to see these rankings and have asked not only for a clearer picture of the USA standings but the world’s, broken down nation by nation. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when I know.

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  1. Ben Yelle may get Kang En….Kang En got smoked earlier this month by Detbanjong Fairtex at Hero Legend show in Malaysia

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