Saiyok Versus Abdallah Mabel and Results

By Mike LNg

The Thailand Versus France event of 2010 has concluded with the results now known.  It looks like France may have trumped itself as one of the most active nations for Muay Thai outside of Thailand with an event that really was a fan’s dream in its realization.

Saiyok and Mabel clash

Results are as follows:

Main Fight

Super-WelterWeight Lumpinee Title Fight

Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Champion)VS Abdallah Mabel

Pumpanmuang def. Mabel Via Decision.

Super Fights

France VS Thailand

Raouf Beliouz VS Fahmai Skindew Gym

Fahmai def. Beliouz Via Decision.

Ozkul Yetkin VS RunGravee Sasiprapa Gym

RunGravee def.Yetkin Via Decision.

Charles “Karlito”François VS Thanasak Top King Boxing

Thanasak Def. François Via Injury Rd1.

Remy Patriot VS Nadej P. Kantasa

Patriot def.Nadej via TKO (Low kick) Rd2.

European WPMF Title Fight

(Muay Thai – 91Kg)

Sahak “HAK” Parparyan VS Abderahman Coulibaly

Coulibaly def. Parparyan Via Decision.

Super Fights – Muay Thai

Bobo Sacko VS Olivier Tchétché

Sacko def. Tchétché Via Decision.

Saiyok post fight

Also much thanks goes out to Kitty Wong for the early result and to Youtube user Loopnoob for the video of Saiyok versus Mabel:

~ by fatsoking on October 31, 2010.

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  1. Do you know wut happened to loopnoub? his youtube account was deleted for infringement. He had the best videos though really hard to find fights.

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