WCK Returns to Vegas Hilton December 11th, 2010.

By Mike LNg

WCK Card

WCK Muay Thai will be coming to the Las Vegas Hilton on Dec. 11th. Julie Kitchen will be rescheduled to fight Miriam Nakamoto the newly crowned world champion due to an injury Kitchen suffered while training. The main event will instead be a fight between WBC Muay Thai middleweight champion Craig Buchanan and challenger Jack Thames. The reigning champion Buchanan fought and won a closely matched bout in April with Buchanan edging a close decision victory.

Heath Harris looks to be maintaining a very busy schedule fighting with WCK Muay Thai as he will be making basically back to back appearances for WCK at Wu Lin Feng Spectacular on November 13th and for this December 11th show. This time Harris is set to fight Shawn Yarborough for the WBC light heavyweight title. Recently Yarborough lost to Steve Richards to take the IKKC light heavyweight title.  Going into the fight Yarborough remains the current light heavyweight title holder for the United States WBC Muay Thai title.

Long time competitors for WCK and Anthony Casterjon and Bryan Humes are also set to compete on the card.

Current Fight Card:
WBC Muay Thai U.S. Title
Craig Buchanan vs. Jack Thames
IKKC Muay Thai U.S. Title
Scotty Leffler vs. Justin Greskiewicz
WBC Muay Thai U.S. Title
Shawn Yarborough vs. Heath “Cowboy” Harris
Joey Pagliuso vs. Titus Holmes
Anthony McDavitt vs. A.J. Fonseca
Bryan Humes vs. Anthony Newman
Anthony Castrejon vs. Ruben Dominguez
Hector Gutierrez vs. Dave Nielsen
Tecia Moncaio vs. Melanie Edwards

For ticket information call 800-222-5361 or visit the official WCK Muay Thai site.

~ by fatsoking on November 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “WCK Returns to Vegas Hilton December 11th, 2010.”

  1. Do work Justin, east coast rep!

  2. wow. a glorified smoker with title shots at stake. and $40 min entry.


  3. oh look theres someone in a cowboy hat.

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