FFSCDA Retains the Delegation of France Muay Thai

By Mike LNg

First, a warning: this article is interspersed with my commentary and I have made my best efforts to make it obvious where my commentary applies.

On November 10, 2010, The French Council of State rejected the request of the Federation of Muaythai (FMDA) and the Federation of Full Contact (FFCDA) to cancel the decree of October 27, 2009 whereby the Minister of Health and Sports has given the delegation to the French Sports Federation Contact and Associated Disciplines (FFSCDA) . The FFSCDA remains the only federation delegate.

The news is significant in a number of ways. France has always made it a practice for Sports Federations to in effect govern their own sports. France’s government began this practice in 1945 and continues to this day. Theoretically this has resulted in the autonomy of sportsmen to regulate their sport and unify as they see fit. The president of the FFSCDA, Denis-Marie Cintura greeted the outcome with relief and some optimism:

The decision of the Council of State is particularly important in that it ends all the rumors and gossip on the legal soundness of the FFSCDA. The end of harassment of small federations in distress that we have wasted time, energy and money in fighting to preserve only the titles of their managers and timber interests. The time of gathering, unity and work is now free of all these bumps.

With regard to the Muay Thai amateur, the representative of the Federation also spoke:

The Thai Minister of Culture and Sports has sent a letter to the IFMA (International Federation of MuayThai Amateur) to recognize the FFSCDA as the only French Federation. IFMA has accepted this request.  In this respect the decision of the State Council which followed the decision of the Court of Appeals of Paris has only strengthened our position with IFMA.

Prior to this decision the The Federation of Muay Thai and Related Disciplines (FDMA) could legitimately make the claim as being the only recognized governing body in France. Though it should be noted internationally and in any scope meaningful or otherwise the IFMA is the only true game in town for amateur recognition.

Regarding future projects over the next two seasons, the FFSCDA has verbally committed to working with the French Olympic Committee Sport. To that end the president named a specific agenda:

  • The presence of youth teams in the World Championship WAKO.
  • The creation of a statute pro boxers. Obtaining high-level status for the best amateur athletes in the country.
  • And finally overhaul the licensing system with the creation of an inexpensive license for less than 7 years.

In France some federations are directly responsible for the actual execution of a public service remit. They receive the delegation from the Ministry of Sports, made to a single federation in a particular discipline to organize sports competitions after which the securities are issued international, national, regional or county.

As the new delegated authority in Muay Thai FFSCDA define the technical and administrative rules specific to their discipline. This seemed to be the key issue in the rejection of FDMA’s protest to FFSCDA. A while back FDMA was found to be guilty of granting a title shot for a nak muay with no authority but their own.The newly appointed FFSCDA are free to set rules for the organization of their competitions, with the exception of matters relating to public order. These areas include violence, doping, disciplinary power, medical rules,  and are subject to specific legislative and regulatory framework. The new Sports Act of July 6, 2000, amending the Act of July 16, 1984, establishes the framework of “public service of sport” by reaffirming the principle of recognition between the state and the sports movement.

Its hard to argue that under the FFSCDA big events haven’t happened with the recent Lumpinee title fight in France as well as big events waiting in the wings. France is arguably the strongest and most consistent country in the west for Muay Thai. With FFSCDA even offering the proverbial olive branch to former FDMA staff members the future could indeed continue to improve in France where Muay Thai has always been strong.

~ by fatsoking on November 24, 2010.

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