King’s Cup 8-Man Tournament 2010 Update

By Mike LNg

Alex Vogel Versus Nonsai

Apparently, Germany’s  Alex Vogel will replace Sweden’s Marcus Oberg in the line up of this year’s King’s Cup 8-man tournament. The reason why Vogel would be replacing Oberg was not made public.

Significantly, Vogel says he looks most forward to fighting Thailand’s Yodsaenklai Fairtex.  As a second choice of who Vogel would like most to face in the tournament was Brazil’s Cosmo Alexandre.  Cosmo himself was dismissed from It’s Showtime as its incumbent champion at 77kg and barred from participating in any more of the Dutch promotional giant’s events.

Alex Vogel fights out of the Masters Gym in Duisburg, Germany. Vogel when questioned about his selection was quoted as saying it was because they wanted the best nak muay of Germany.In  the Kings Cup in Thailand Vogel is to hold up the German flag. Alex Vogel recently competed in a fight against Nonsai Sor Sayakorn of Elite Boxing for the Thailand Versus Challenger series.

The King’s Cup is the world Muay Thai tournament held  annually since 1999 and is in honor of the King of Thailand on his birthday of December 5th in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is estimated that around 300,000 spectators will be live on site. The winner of the Muay Thai 8-man tournament will be awarded an ornate trophy donated by the King of Thailand himself.

~ by fatsoking on December 2, 2010.

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