Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday Event in China

By Mike LNg

Bruce Lee's 70th Birthday

In celebration of Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday a special series of Muay Thai versus sanda bouts is scheduled to happen in Shunde Sports Arena Center in Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

VS 2010 Professional Muay Thai Chinese Martial Arts Championship released the following information to Chinese press:

Information Time: 2010.12.18 20:00

Venue: Shunde Sports Center Stadium Tickets: 2000/1500/1000/600/400/200

(in Chinese RMB/Yuan currency)

Ticket Official: China Ticket Online barley net

Home address: Foshan Zumiao Baihua Plaza, 3517 Room 33, South Pearl Stadium ticket office atrium China Ticket Online barley microblogging network address:

VS 2010 Professional Muay Thai Chinese Martial Arts Championship held in Shunde media briefing yesterday, race organizers announced at the meeting, VS 2010 Professional Muay Thai Chinese Martial Arts Championship will be held Dec. 18 in Guangdong, Shunde Sports Center Stadium the first five levels of competition, this game is the 70th anniversary commemoration of the birth of Bruce Lee series of the event.

December 19, 2009 in Foshan, fights were held in Thailand on behalf of China. Chinese Kung Fu Sanda had a 4 to 1 victory over professional Muay Thai. According to contest organizer said despite the Chinese officials making fair judgementsthe Thai side of the game fair expressed strong dissatisfaction. Thailand this year, first proposed the idea of a contest again, and suggested that competition have two referees and to allow Thailand to invite a large level of foreign Muay Thai fighters. Thailand also suggested 10 fights in order to determine the final total score of the winner. After careful consideration, the Chinese side agreed to the Thai side requirements.

The two sides will face off at the event held Dec. 18 in Guangdong Shunde Sports Center Stadium first five levels of competition.

The event will be scheduled into 2 wholly separate sub events. The weights of the first fights are was 60 kg, 63 kg, 68 kg, 75 kg and 80 kg , one fight will be between 2 women competitors. The second fights will be 65 kg, 70 kg, 76 kg, 82 kg and 85 kg 5 weight categories.

Fushien Sanda Vs. Muay Thai

Rumored to be scheduled to participate in the event is a virtual who’s who list of international nak muay including:

Marcus Simon – Canada
John Wayne Parr – Australia
Nong Toom – Thailand
Big Ben – Thailand
Jomthong – Thailand

Steve McKinnon – Australia

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