Bruce ‘Preacher Macfie Versus Frankie Giorgi

By Mike LNg

Evolution 22

Bruce “Preacher” Macfie fights Frankie Giorgi at Evolution 22. Leading up to this fight Macfie had outpointed John Wayne Parr for a win a recent fight.  The decision was not without controversy and now Frankie Giorgi gets a shot at the man who had defeated Parr so recently.

~ by fatsoking on January 3, 2011.

One Response to “Bruce ‘Preacher Macfie Versus Frankie Giorgi”

  1. SO SIKED to see that win. good for giorgi, some serious spezzatura right there.

    i like how giorgi ended some of his combinations with a jab, not necessarily gonna knock anyone out with it but it sure does pester the shit outta people and adds up in the long run.

    i was honestly expecting preacher to catch him with something coming out of a combination as giorgi kept his chin up when he finished a combination or moved out.

    congrats amici!

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