Turnoi Young Guns 2: Card Update

By Mike LNg

Turnoi Young Guns 2

The lineup for Turnoi Young Guns has been completed.  And though the card is primarily made up of K-1 style tournament matches it will also feature full rules Muay Thai and fights and even a full contact kickboxing fight. Also interesting to note is the abbreviated round length of 2 minutes instead of 3 minute rounds. The card known so far is as follows:

Young Guns II Tournament (K-1 / – 71 kg / 3X2)

No Extra rounds allowed in this tournament.  There must be a winner after 3 rounds.

. Nabil Elouissi

. Ahmed Hassan

. Steeve Valente

. Ludvic Millet will be replacing Abdoul Toure who recently fought for the 75kg Muay Thai title

The 2nd tournament will also be a K-1 rules bout but allowing a full 3 minutes per a round.

Tournament Explosion Fight Night II (K-1 / – 71 kg / 3X3)

These bouts will allow for an extra round if required.

. Edgard Jahi N’Zunga

. Mickaël Piscitello

. Hicham Chaïbi

. Ahmed “The Punisher” Zragua


Yannick Foeller VS Kenneth Van Eesvelde (K-1)

Laetitia Lambert Vs Rajja Hajdaoui (Muay Thai)

Jean-Philippe Olivier Deroo VS Exposito (Muay Thai)

Joel Noul Vs Kevin T’Joens (Full Contact)

In the first part of the participating boxers from Deroy Team are : Jeremy Villers, Geoffrey Slembrouck Christopher Den Baes, and Christophe Lambert.

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