A4 Muay Thai Elite Tournament 4/11/16

By Mike LNg

Tourney de Muay Thai

Saturday, April 16, 2011



The list of  tournament competitors in the A4 Muay Thai Elite Tournament at -67 kg.

Bobo Sacko (Team Bilos)

Nabil Elouissi (Team Nasser K)

Moua Vang (Red Team)

Tristan Benard (AMC Boxing Team).

Participating in the super fights:

Aurélien Baup (Team Kime Dojo)

Yutthana Thongprasert

75 kg Superfight

One Belt Title match

Aydin Tuncay (Team Nakmuay Gym)
Toufik Essarahoui (Team Agora)

Super fights at 71 kg:

Yahya TAMD (phoenix 13) vs. Saharoui touré (team Bilos)

Nicolas Lauret (Team Nak Muay Gym) vs. Anthony Valeix (MTBA)

60 Kg Women’s bout

Sarah Chazoule (Team Agora) Vs. Hayfa Fay (Puteaux PST)

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