EnFusion Final for Season 3

By Mike LNg

Frank Munoz

Enfusion 3 the kickboxing reality TV show should be wrapped up or close to wrapped up at the time of this writing.  As is typical of the It’s Showtime reality television program the tournament fights have occurred along the way.  If you want to avoid spoilers of the outcomes be warned this will let you know how much of the events went.

It’s now down to the last 4 representing the 95 kg class for the show. First among these matches is to be Spain’s Frank Munoz who recently fought Australia’s Nathan “Carnage” Corbett in Australia. Frank Muñoz is matched against his next opponent is  Wendell Roche, the Holland representative who has also survived fight eliminations this long to face Munoz.

To reach this part of the tournament  Muñoz fought in the first phase Armenian fighter, Sahak “Hak” Parparyan on the first date and Belgian Marc Vlieger on the second date, leaving the four winners of each team. Munoz was quoted as saying ” I have earned my spot after two weeks of captivity. I am among the top 4 of 16 fighters who we were here and that is shows sometimes life can be wonderful. Thank you all for your support in my win! Spain in the final 4 in Holland! ”

Wendell Roche of Holland

These are the results from the quarter-finals:

Frank Muñoz vs Marc Vlieger, Munoz wins by decision

Ramazan Ramazanov vs Wendell Roche, Roche wins by after an extra round

Ondrej Hutnik vs Thiago Martina, Hutnick wins by 3rd round KO

Mohamed “Big Mo” vs Turkey Fati, “Big Mo”wins by 2nd round KO

Next Final 4 in Holland:

Wendell Roche (Holland) vs Frank Munoz (Spain)

Hutnik (Czech) vs. Big Mo (Morroco)

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One Response to “EnFusion Final for Season 3”

  1. This is the Finale of Enfusion 2 ‘Quest of Honor’ 95kg MAX that took place in Prague -Czech Republic.
    The Finale of Enfusion 3 ‘Trial of the Gladiators’ 85kg MAX will take place in Slovenia on november 25th, 2012.

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