Ratchadamnern Versus Lumpini.

I haven’t got a lot to say about this except wow:  This is an insane card. I nearly missed this one.  But August 6th Songchai is going to remind us all why he is the number one promoter in Thailand.  Champions versus champions at the Ratchadamnern Stadium.  Words like ‘epic, incredible and amazing’ come to mind.

The lineup is as follows:

(OneSongchai) Lumpini VS Ratchadamnern 6 August (Update 6 August 2009)

OneSongChai Grand Muaythai Promotion
(The 2 Greatest Stadiums Super Fight Ratchadamnern – Lumpini)
6 August 2009
At Ratchadamnern Boxing Stadium

1. Deshsuriya SithTiPraSert 118 LBS
RungRat NaRaTreeKul 118 LBS
2. PaKorn SakYoThin 122 LBS (Ratchadamnern Champion 115 LBS.)
RungReungLek LukePraBaht 122 LBS
3. MaNaSak SithNiWat 122 LBS
PornSaNe SithMonChai 122 LBS (Ratchadamnern Champion 118 LBS.)
4. SingThongNoi PorTeLaKul 126 LBS (S-1 Champion 122 LBS.)
SitTiSakSeng SiamEyuGym 126 LBS
5. PetTaVee SorKitTiChai 122 LBS (S-1 Champion 122 LBS.)
AAA TorRatKiat 122LBS (Lumpini Champion 122 LBS.)
6. NongOh SithOr 127 LBS (Thailand Champion 126 LBS.)
ChomThong ShuWatTaNa 127 LBS
7. PaLungPol PiRiYaNopChai 111 LBS (Thailand Champion 118 LBS.)
PetchMorRaKot TeeDet 99 111 LBS (Lumpini Champion 108 LBS.)
8. ThongChai TorSiLaChai 118 LBS (WMC Champion 118 LBS.)
LukeNiMit SingKlongSi 118 LBS
9. Dung SorPloenChit 43.5 KG
SuperBank SakChaiYaChote 43.5KG
10. PraChanShine PorPetNamThong 45 KG
Petchrachan F.A.Group 45 KG


Quick results thanks to Rob Cox:

Khaimukdam Sit Or vs Rungrat Naratrikun
Pakon Sakyothin vs Rungruanglek LukprabarManasak Sitniwat vs Pornsaneh Sitmonchai
Singthongnoi Por Telakun vs Sitisak Chengsimiew gym
Petchthawee Sor Kittichai vs Sam-A Thor Ratonakiat
Jomthong Chuwattana vs Nong-O SitO
Palangpon Piriyanoppachai vs Petchmorakot Theedet 99
Thongchai Tor Silachai vs Loognimit Singklongsi

Not sure how or with what means but the bold names are the winners.

~ by fatsoking on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ratchadamnern Versus Lumpini.”

  1. Damn, I wish I was in BKK during this!

  2. Hey Wormed thanks again for stopping by. I put up some quick results.

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