WPMF King’s Birthday 2010 France Vs. Thailand Quick Results

By Mike LNg

WPMF logo

Jeremy Rachou (France) Vs. Yoodsiriwat (Thailand) 50 kg.

Yoodsiriwat wins by TKO from Knee strikes to the body

Mohamed Bouchareb (France) vs. Kaephet (Thailand) 53kg.

Kaephet wins by decision.

Hicham Chaibi (France) vs. Pachaksin (Thailand) 68kg.

Pachaksin wins by decision.

Steve Zaidi (74kg) wins against an unknown Thai opponent by decision

Title matches for World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF)

Brice Guidon (107 kg) vs. Marcus Novack(115 kg).

Brice Guidon wins via KO and becomes the new WPMF world heavyweight champion

Charles Francois (France) vs. Alexandre Boyance (Switzerland)-67kg.

Francois wins via KO in the 2nd round and becomes the WPMF 67kg world champion.

Charles Francois adds WPMF gold to his collection of belts

Erick Renon (France) vs. Nopparat Prakaifah(Thailand)

Nopparart Prakaifah wins by points

Damien Ozenne vs. Unknown Argentin 78 kg.a

Ozennne loses by decision.

~ by fatsoking on December 5, 2010.

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