Are You Ready for Queen’s Birthday 2009?

By Fatso King

I found this off of the

The Queens Cup press conference

The Queens' Cup press conference

If not get ready.  August 11th, 2009 The Queen of Thailand’s 77th Birthday celebration begins. Weigh-in happened today at the Royal Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.  I noticed In addition to the Queen’s Cup being fought for the lineup includes this card:

The Queen Cups fighters

The Queen Cup's fighters

1. Chalie Froncen ( France ) VS Steve Sasiprapa from Hongkong 67 kg.  * WPMF defend title Super Welterweight 70 kg.*

2. Kongjak S. Thonthong ( Thai ) VS Micheal Sannmon ( France )

3. Alamud Damien ( France ) VS Birdkam ( Cambodia ) 65 kg.

4. Monle Angero ( France ) VS Petchsanan Kaewsamrit ( Thai ) 55 kg.

5. Kid Delang ( France ) VS Kim Jung Sasiprapa ( Korea ) 65 kg.

6. Imran Sasiprapa(Wicker Camp England )VS Petchbangpang Sakchatee (Thai )63.5 kg  * WPMF defend title (women) Feather weight 57 kg.*

7. Parwa S.Penprapa ( Thai ) VS Melisa Iminentair(Dean WhitegymEngland)

8. Olivia Keawsamrit ( south Africa ) VS Namtan Muangpetch ( Thai )

9. Alex Chiangmai Muaythai ( Swiss ) VS Denis Muaythaiplaza(Germany )

10 Crown Iminent Air ( Italy ) VS Nontakorn Lukmuangnan ( Thai )

2 bouts will be sanctioned by the WPMF (World Professional Muay Thai Federation). The World Professional Muaythai Federation (WPMF) was formed on 23rd November 2002 by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT). The PAT is the only officially recognized association of Professional Muay Thai by the Government of Thailand and has also become a member of the WPMF. One of the more notable persons to come out from past WPMF events is Cosmo Alexandre from Brazil.

Watch it via stream now at!

~ by fatsoking on August 10, 2009.

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